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The Third Sub Podcast

Our own Samuel Rowan, as well as Alexandre Gagnue-Ruzic of Between the Sticks, dive into the latest topics around the Vancouver Whitecaps, the Canadian Premier League, and Canadian Soccer in general. The Third Sub is available on all podcasting platforms, including Spotify.

Film Room: The Easiest Fixes for the Vancouver Whitecaps

It’s been a while, but the film room is back. In this, we dive into the RSL match and the most obvious things the Whitecaps can clean up right away.

Angus McNab on York United’s Transformation & the Evolution of the CPL

York’s GM and CEO shares his thoughts on the past year, and all the changes that have been made going into the 2021 season.

CPL Roundup: One Thing We’ve Learned About Each Team (So Far)

As the end of the first stage draws closer, what are the biggest lasting impressions from each team?

Crash Course: Canadian Premier League Preview, and a Player to Watch on Each Team

The CPL is back! Here’s a quick crash course to get ready for the Island Games in PEI.

Last Chance Saloon: Can The Whitecaps Stage a Miraculous Escape From The Group Stage?

In need of a big result to exit the group stage, what, if anything, can the Whitecaps produce against the Fire?