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As we prepare for the start of the season, close out the latest season, or just need something fun to do during the season, our writers & guests will gather to discuss the latest hot-topics surrounding around the Whitecaps & Canadian Soccer.

86 Forever Pre-Season Roundtable (Episode Four) - On the Strikers & Jasser Khmiri’s Future

In episode four, the guys discuss Theo vs. Cava, plus what the Whitecaps should do with mystery man Jasser Khmiri.

86 Forever Pre-Season Roundtable (Episode Three) - The Goalkeeping Battle & Ranko vs. Cornelius

We’re back with episode three of the preseason roundtable, this time, we talk keepers and centrebacks.

86 Forever Pre-Season Roundtable (Episode Two) - Deiber Caicedo & Bruno Gaspar

We’re back with another episode of the pre-season roundtable. This time, we’re talking wide players.

Pre-Season Roundtable (Episode One) - On Caio Alexandre & The Recent Spending Spree

We’re back for another Pre-Season roundtable series, but this year things are a little different!

From Jay Nolly to Jarju: Looking Back on the Best and Worst of the Whitecaps’ MLS History

Best kits? Most valuable (and least valuable) players? Hear what the Eighty Six Forever team has to say.

Preseason Roundtable -  Over/Under Predictions

Preseason Roundtable - 2020 Performances

Preseason Roundtable - Upcoming Season

Preseason Roundtable -  Off Season Moves

Preseason Roundtable - Management