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Pre Match: FC Dallas vs Vancouver Whitecaps

Let’s keep the good times rolling

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Well the midweek was something to write home about, wasn’t it? For the first time in at the very least, six years, the Whitecaps won a game by a 5-0 scoreline. Now it’s time to turn back to the league where everyone’s suspicions of the Whitecaps have now been changed due to the midweek madness. This could be either very good or very bad for the team, as opponents will be rethinking their strategies on how to deal with a Vancouver team that has the potential to put five past continental competition. Either they will try to attack more or close down their defense, with the latter more than likely spelling a death sentence for the Whitecaps.

The Cordova experiment hasn’t gone quite to plan in Vancouver, with none of the five goals being credited to him on Wednesday. Brian White hit the scoresheet himself and looked very dangerous while Cordova felt way too heavy on the touch. The attacking midfield was key, as Gauld had a game, along with Raposo (In his attacking overlaps) and Vite. Now choices have to be made before facing the team from Texas.

Dallas is a team that has had an even start, with one win and one loss punctuated by three goals scored to two conceded. This chalks up to a pretty decent defense but an attack that can pose dangers once it gets going. Jesus Ferreira continues to be building into the player his father was and Paul Arriola is a good source for assists in the team, responsible for two of the three. It’s a combination that works when it clicks, and has done so multiple times last season. Luckily, their loss was goalless away from home, and that is what the Whitecaps are going to have to rely on when tackling FC Dallas.

I’m heavily expecting Brian White to start again and to potentially cause some problems to Dallas as him, Gauld, and Vite overlap in the opponent’s third. Takaoka is slowly building his game as he gets acclimated to the league but you can see there is some promise in the new keeper. Raposo is also looking to be a shoe-in at left back, much to Felipe Martin’s dismay. Raposo is proving to be a useful MLS option for the Whitecaps - their most recent draft bargain.

The Whitecaps’ defense is good on paper but Sartini’s tactics cause many questions to be raised, especially when pushing centre backs wide. It’s hasn’t fully screwed over the Whitecaps yet but one can see the limitations even on their good games.

All in all, the Whitecaps have something to prove this weekend, and I feel like they’ll be in for a rude awakening as Dallas will bring them back down to earth, allowing them to bunker in and (hopefully) go far in the CCL. A 2-1 Loss to Dallas should do the trick.

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