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Report Card: Vancouver Whitecaps vs FC Dallas

Vancouver Snatches one at the Death

MLS: FC Dallas at Vancouver Whitecaps FC Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Well here we go, Vancouver’s third win this season! As dour as the season may have seemed so far, the Whitecaps have only lost once while at home. This is pretty impressive considering the underperformances of the entire team, and going against one of the high flying teams of the season looked to be a stumbling block in the making. The result was anything but, and the Whitecaps looked the better team for the majority of the game. How’d the players do individually?

Cody Cropper: 6.0

Cody Cropper is doing a solid job in net replacing the injured Hasal, and today was no exception. There’s a lot to ask from the MLS veteran but he always steps up to the task at hand, and has a confidence that spreads to other players on the field. He played well, but the goal he let in was a little careless, although some blame could also be placed on the defenders.

Jake Nerwinski: 5.5

Nerwinski should be playing on his natural right side. Today that spot was taken up by Javain Brown, so Nerwinski was forced to play off of his weaker side. This was something that contributed to him getting his angles and marking wrong sometimes, as was clearly visible in the goal conceded with his last ditch slide not catching Paul Arriola.

Ranko Veselinovic: 6.5

It looks like Ranko is going to become a veteran presence for the Whitecaps, and the person to look up to for other defenders when they need guidance. Today Veselinovic played one of his classically strong defensive games but he was also able to join the attack on multiple occasions and get a couple of good chances in. It was a two-fronted display from the Serbian, and he’s proving to become a constant going forwards.

Javain Brown:6.0

Brown was put in the position he often played in university, and it was an experiment that did pay off for the most part. His returns were greatly diminishing this season, as his skills from a wingback perspective were not on par with what is expected of an MLS level right back. With a more restricted role, Brown had less to worry about and thus was able to reign in his duties and put in a solid shift. I wouldn’t say start him there every game but he did his job.

Cristian Gutierrez: 7.0

Guti is back and this was a solid performance from the Canadian. He was dynamic and tracked the Dallas attackers whenever they got forwards. His attacking and defensive play were paramount to helping the Whitecaps continue their early domination of the ball and eventual comeback on the day, with one assist to his name. If this is the start of his performances returning to normal, then there is hope for better days ahead.

Russell Teibert: 5.5

Teibert continues to start, and continues to have a Teibert level impact on the game. Great hustle, can’t fault him for putting in the effort but maybe it’s time for a new midfield partnership. (Preferably replacing him instead of vice versa)

Michael Baldisimo: 6.5

Today was a flashback episode for the Whitecaps. While starting off a little shaky, Baldisimo massively improved in his defensive duties this game as compared to those previous. He was often the last man back and was able to put out attacks before they became a threat. On top of that, his passing was on point, with many key passes reaching his teammates with shadows of his 2020 performances beginning to emerge.

Ryan Raposo: 6.5

The Whitecaps’ breakout player this season, Raposo is continuing his hot streak. Although he didn’t score this game. He was decisive whenever he was in front of net and got a lot of good shots off. There is a lot of potential for Raposo to fill in as an effective rotational starter, and if he can continue to show the hunger for goal he’s been showing this season, the Whitecaps could have their next tenured player on their hands.

Cristian Dajome & Deiber Caicedo: 5.5

It was not the game for either one of the Colombians. They ran into the same frustrating problems and both left the field with the same impact on the match. A recurring theme for both of them has been the constant overthinking when they have a chance to shoot the ball. Very often they both just stand outside of the box instead of taking a risky shot and end up losing the ball. Not to mention a lot of their dribbles have been also just been flash without advancing the attacking play and often gets them cornered. They need to improve considering how key they could both be when they are playing well.

Lucas Cavallini: 7.5

It’s been a while since we’ve said this, but Cavallini was the ‘Caps’ best player on the field, and he looks to be building upon every performance and returning to what made him a good player in his first season for the Whitecaps. It was unfortunate but expected that Cava would get a yellow card, as this now means he misses the next match due to accumulation, but it’s good to see a solid performance from the Canadian DP. His tackles were also on point today, and his passes have seemed to improve a lot as compared to seasons prior, which in my head poses a question: Would it be out of the question to pull a Joelinton with Cavallini and transition him into a box to box midfielder? I feel like it’s an experiment worth trying.

Brian White: 7.0

Super sub Brian White makes his return to scoring ways, coming in and scoring the tying goal to give the Whitecaps hopeful something to cheer for. He did everything he needed to do on the day to have a good showing, hopefully he can carry this to future games as well.

Leonardo Owusu: 6.0

Owusu is slowly getting back onto the team, and it’s very good that he is. There is a lack of midfield options, and seeing him hit the field as if he hasn’t missed a beat was very reassuring. Cross your fingers that there will be a lot more of this from him in future games.

Marcus Godinho: 5.5

Godinho did a solid job in the twelve or so minutes he was on the field. Nothing crazy to write about but he filled in and provided spark to the attack that led to the eventual penalty.

Pedro Vite: 5.5

Same can be said for Vite, who had less of an impact than in games previous, but still did what he does best.

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