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Coffee with the Caps, Monday April 25

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC at Austin FC Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

Good Monday morning Caps fans. Hope you all had a pleasant and relaxing weekend and that the weather has turned firmly towards spring wherever you are reading this.

We have reached the stage of the Caps’ season where the problems with the club have already been put into stark relief but we must be forced to watch them be repeated match after match ad nauseum until we all gouge our eyes out.

The 3-0 defeat to Austin was predictable in all the wrong ways. While Vanni Sartini tried to mix things up with his lineup choices, it was clear from the beginning that it would leave the midfield overmatched and put the second-choice fullback pairing of Jake Nerwinski and Marcus Godinho up against it.

Austin FC, meanwhile, didn’t set the world on fire but they also didn’t need to. They were clinical, much in the same way they have been all year, and in many respects looked like we expected the Caps to look this year.

To the extent that this came from actually making new signings versus having a bit better luck with injuries, visas and the like is unclear but the decision to refresh a team that, on paper, had a lot of promise last season is a curious contrast to how Vancouver has proceeded.

As Caleb Wilkins put it in our post-match report, the Caps “bought into their own hype too much.” The decision to keep last season’s crew together, bring Vanni Sartini aboard full time and hope andiamo and vibes continued to work out was basically a bet that the obviously unsustainable patterns of the second half of the season were sustainable. And there was admittedly plenty of wilfull ignorance from fans like me that this could be the case.

It is still jarring to see the team be THIS bad. One hopes that is unsustainable as well, particularly once Andres Cubas gets in. Though knowing the Caps luck he’ll sustain some fluke injury in the first match and we’ll be back to square one aka Russell Teibert.

At the same time, one hopes Axel Schuster is looking at more than just Cubas, with the Caps in need of some different depth pieces. Guys like Godinho, Jake Nerwinski, etc. are not getting the job done at the moment.

The Caps’ season changed last season with a loss to a CPL team in the Voyageurs Cup. Optimism is low at the moment that we won’t get round two this year.

Shameless Self Promotion

Another call for Caleb’s post-match. I add in my two cents with the latest report card.

Best of the Rest

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The Whitecaps 2 meanwhile dominated Sporting KC II 4-1 at home on Sunday

Inter Miami have somehow strung together a 4 game winning streak, beating Atlanta United on Sunday

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