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Report Card (Late Edition): Whitecaps Vs. F.C Dallas

MLS: FC Dallas at Vancouver Whitecaps FC Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Vancouver Whitecaps got back to winning ways on Saturday with a 1-0 defeat of F.C Dallas. Report Card time.

Maxime Crepeau: 10

I mean, what else can you really ask for? Crepeau was the hero of the night, stopping a last minute penalty to preserve the win and clean sheet. The ‘Caps turn in form has been just as much due to good goalkeeping from Crepeau (and Hasal in the one game he got in) as it has been to the introduction of Ryan Gauld. Since the start of August Crepeau has saved the 3rd most goals above expected of any keeper in the league.

Andy Rose: 7.0

This was the platonic ideal of an Andy Rose game. He effectively got in the way of stuff, he wasn’t asked to take part in any kind of foot race and even some of his highly speculative long balls were connecting (ok, 6/18, it wasn’t that many). All that was missing was a set piece goal.

Ranko Veselinovic: 7.0

Veselinovic had a pretty quiet game but he didn’t do anything to stand out negatively either. Considering he was the only regular starter in a very makeshift back three that’s probably a good thing.

Jake Nerwinski: 7.0

Nerwinski, as a guy making his first pro start as a centre back, seemed like the avenue by which a disaster was most likely to occur. But the disaster never came and Nerwinski performed rather well in a back three. I would have to see more before declaring him a full time centre back now but this was a pretty positive outing.

Bruno Gaspar: 5.0

Going into the season us blogger types were talking about Gaspar and Ali Adnan as a potentially deadly fullback duo. Man, has that ever not worked out. Gaspar looked out of shape and was yanked in the 60th minute for Javain Brown.

Cristian Dájome: 8.0

I am always a little bit leery seeing Dájome line up as a fullback after he had a nightmare in that position against Montreal last season. But he tied his season record for shot creating actions and never really looked in trouble defensively so I have to say it was a good performance.

Leonard Owusu: 9.0

36% of Owusu’s passes into the final 3rd and 100% of his passes into the penalty area this season happened in this game. I tell you, folks, I have been staring at his radar from his time in Israel wondering where that player has been for two years. On Saturday night, Jingles finally showed up.

Russel Teibert: 7.5

Teibert got an assist and had possibly his best passing performance in years. The only reason his grade isn’t higher is I thought he could have done a bit more defensively.

Ryan Gauld: 8.0

This was probably not one of Gauld’s most exciting Whitecaps games so far. Yet he had eight key passes. Do you know how many items of sentimental value I would have been willing to sacrifice in an occult ritual for the Whitecaps to have a player good enough to get 8 key passes in a single game during the 2019 season? A lot!

Lucas Cavallini: 7.5

Cavallini got a dumb yellow card and made a big fuss about getting subbed off. But he had four shots and a key pass. His antics may be frustrating and there may be some whispers about him being unhappy but I have to think that the goals are going to come sooner rather than later if he plays with Ryan Gauld.

Brian White: 8.0


Javain Brown: 5.5

A fairly quiet evening for Brown. He got dribbled past a couple of times and didn’t do much other than one nice run down the wing with Deiber Caicedo.

Deiber Caicedo: 6.0

The ‘Caps were fully just defending the lead by the time Caicedo came on and as a result he hardly touched the ball. He did have one really nice run though.

Janio Bikel and Tosaint Ricketts: N/A

Neither really played enough to make a strong impression

Patrick Metcalfe: Well I guess we’ve got to talk about it

Metcalfe came on to secure a win, and gave away a dumb penalty. Now, one mistake obviously doesn’t define a player but it isn’t really just this one mistake is it? Metcalfe is coming up on 500 career MLS minutes and at this point you really have to ask- “What exactly are we doing here?” At least with other youngsters who have had mixed results, like Bair or Raposo, there are a few plus skills you can point to that suggest they could turn into useful players. But it’s really hard to identify something Metcalfe does at even an average level in MLS. He turns 23 later this year so the clock is ticking for him to turn a corner.