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Vancouver Whitecaps Prospect Report (June 2021)

NCAA Soccer: College Cup-Stanford vs Akron James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Simon Colyn:

Colyn made a single 7 minute cameo in a 2-1 loss to Atalanta U19. It was reported this week by Tom Bogert that Spal will not be picking up Colyn’s purchase option. I’m not sure if that means they are also declining the loan extension option so he may or may not be coming back. If he is, Colyn finishes with 1 goal and 2 assists in 639 minutes (0.42 G+A/90). He is credited with 1 goal and 1 assist on transfermakrt but I have seen another assist he mysteriously wasn’t credited for in the highlight packages uploaded to Spal’s youtube channel. Colyn is only 19 so it’s far to early to say he is a bust but equally it’s pretty clear he isn’t ready for prime time. The Whitecaps will now have to decide if he is better served by developing with the squad or if they should explore another loan option.

Damiano Pecile:

For some reason Spal’s U-19 team is still playing games but Venezia’s has not played any games since May. I don’t know why that is. Pecile was very impressive to me in Vancouver’s pre-season friendly against Indy XI so i’m exited to see how we gets on when or if those games actually happen.

Jasser Khmiri:

His stats are bad, he’s injured again, it’s all over except the crying for him in Vancouver.

David Egbo:

David Egbo finally got to make his pro debut after paperwork held him out of the lineup for Phoenix rising. He played 31 minutes against San Diego Loyal and 61 minutes, scoring a goal, against Sacrament Republic. He has played too few minutes that making a chart for him would be very meaningful but his data from those two appearances is super encouraging. Egbo has managed 1.11 xG+xA in basically a full game’s worth of minutes. That is, of course, a tiny sample size and he probably won’t quite keep that pace up but it’s an encouraging early sigh.

I was able to watch Egbo play against the Sacramento Republic and I was mostly impressed with what I saw. Egbo is fantastic at holding the ball up. Not just because he is big and strong but because he uses his physical qualities so intelligently. When he shields the ball from a defender it looks like a kid trying to wrestle with his dad. This often results in him being fouled (he won a free kick that lead to the other goal against Sacramento) or with the defender basically just having to let him have the ball. He also put in quite a bit of defensive work and showed good off the ball movement.

The biggest thing holding him back though, is his passing. There were at least 3 or 4 occasions where if his passing were a little sharper he could have played in a teammate. According to American Soccer Analysis’ passing model Ebgo would be expected to complete 80% of the passes he has attempted based on their difficulty. But in actuality he has only completed 67%. But if he can get that up to scratch and pair it with his hold up play then watch out.

There were some murmurs that a second division club in Turkey was interested in buying Egbo. If I were Vancouver I would definitely hold off on that. Phoenix are a really strong team (they are second in the league in expected goals for) and Egbo looks like he’s a great fit. His value is probably only going to rise if he plays more.

U23s Play a Game, Apparently:

AFTN’s Michael McColl attended a game between the Whitecaps U23 team and FC Tigers of the PCSL. The Whitecaps youngsters won 4-0 thanks to a hat trick by Emiliano Brienza and a 4th goal that may or may not have been scored by Alan Camacho. Brienza trained with the first team in preseason but ultimately was not signed. Obviously this is not the highest level of competition but he seems to be going hard to win a first team contract. You can see his goals below.