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Getting Mad | Episode 2: The Bad Twitter Thread and MDS Vs. Robbo

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps at San Jose Earthquakes Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The second episode of Getting Mad is here. This time with a shorter run time and more getting pissed off about things said on the internet.

This episode deals with a twitter thread from former Whitecaps player and performance analyst Navid Mashinchi. This thread went viral on Whitecaps twitter (or as viral as it is possible to go in such a small niche) ahead of their match against the L.A Galaxy. The thread argues that the Whitecaps are bad (true) and that their troubles began with the firing of Carl Robinson (false). To make this case it cherry picks a lot of information, omits important context, and does not take into account data that is not convenient for its thesis.

Naturally this was exactly the sort of content I imagined Getting Mad tackling when I started the show. I’m really happy with how this episode came out so I hope you give it a watch.

As always, we finish be encouraging you to use the rage we all feel in a positive way. Even since the last episode, more mass graves have been discovered on the grounds of former residential schools. So we’re reiterating the call to learn about them if you didn’t already and to donate if you can to indigenous charities. One good option is the Indian Residential School Survivor Society. I’m also attaching this google doc that has a lot of good options for local initiatives of all kinds. And of course you’re encouraged to shout out any good organizations that you know of.