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86 Forever Pre-Season Roundtable (Episode Five) - Over/Unders: Wins, Draws & Goals For

We’re back for another episode, this time, it’s the beginning of our over/under predictions.

Welcome back everyone to the pre-season roundtable series. We hope you enjoyed our first four episodes, and we’ve really appreciated all the support we’ve received so far. All of the past roundtable episodes are still available on our youtube channel, so if you’re just getting up to date with the Whitecaps’ offseason, go and check those out!

In this episode, we’re shifting gears as the team starts taking a look at over/under predictions for the 2021 season. Anyone who’s read this page for a number of years will know that it’s a yearly tradition on the site, so we wanted to keep that going, especially with the new format.

This episode focuses on total wins, the first time the Whitecaps will draw a match, and goals for:

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