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Report Card: Whitecaps Come From Behind Against the Portland Timbers

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC at Portland Timbers Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Vancouver Whitecaps made a stunning 3-2 comeback win against the Portland Timbers on Wednesday. Let’s look at how the individual players got on

Maxime Crepeau: 6.0

He had three shots on target and two of them went in. But I think that was more down to the two goals being from players who were put under zero pressure. The one save was pretty impressive, he looked confident on crosses and displayed some top class shithousery in stoppage time.

Jake Nerwinski: 5.0

I’m not even sure what he was trying to do on the second goal. Beyond that he didn’t do very much to distinguish himself positively or negatively.

Florian Jungwirth: 6.5

As the only natural centre back on the pitch Jungwirth did a reasonable job of marshalling the patchwork defence to only giving up two completely unmarked goals.

Christian Gutiérrez: 6.0

For a player who doesn’t seem at all suited to being a centre back he didn’t do too badly. He lead the Whitecaps in several key defensive stats on the night but didn’t look totally comfortable in his new position.

Marcus Godinho: 6.0

It was a credible performance from Godinho. His crossing was a bit inconsistent and he was slightly at fault for the second goal (he was about the 5th most at fault player, but still). But there were also a couple of nice dribbles, some good attacking movement, and a tackle (that’s always nice). I am not totally reversing my skepticism of the signing but I would be ok with seeing a bit more of Godinho.

Janio Bikel: 6.5

I find myself a bit underwhelmed by Bikel’s performances this season but this was a decent performance. There was some forwards passing happening and a couple of interceptions.

Russell Teibert: 6.0

Teibert had some energy but it was a bit of a mediocre performance overall. Not that he was noticeably bad but he was also not noticeably good.

Javain Brown: 3.0

Javain Brown is in the top 10% of a number of defensive stats amongst MLS fullbacks. Truly he is having a remarkable rookie season. But every 5 or 6 games he has a performance where he can’t do anything right. This was one of those and he was rightfully subbed off at halftime.

Ryan Gauld: 6.0

Probably Ryan Gauld’s worst game as a Whitecap so far. He still had three dribbles and generated the second most xA on the team on the night.

Lucas Cavallini: 4.0

Look, on an individual basis Lucas Cavallini is a better technical and physical player than Brian White. But he just can’t be relied upon to fulfil his role within the system. He was constantly moving into the space that should have been occupied by Ryan Gauld or the wing backs. This created a vacuum up front and lead to a lot of turnovers because he is really bad at dribbling and passing.

Deiber Caicedo: 8.0

Based on the abilities of Brian White and Ryan Gauld it seems almost natural to complete the attacking trio with a guy who is really fast and good at dribbling. Deiber Caicedo can and should be that guy if he takes another step next season. Tonight we got a little preview of what could be possible if he does take that step. He started the comeback with a gut busting run that was capped with a lovely finish. He generated the most xG+xA of any Whitecaps player.


Cristian Dájome: 8.0

I really like Dájome as a wing back. It makes him less likely to score personally but it gives the team so much more power going forward. This was demonstrated when he won and converted the penalty that brought the Whitecaps victory with a very nice overlapping run.

Leonard Owusu: 6.5

He did a good job of adding energy and attacking intent in the centre of the midfield when he came on as a sub.

Bruno Gaspar: 7.0

It was a fabulous assist for Brian White’s equalizing goal and probably his best game in a Whitecaps shirt.

Brian White: 8.0

What can I say? He might not be the fastest, or the most technically gifted, but he understands the assignment. His movement created the space for Caicedo’s goal, he scored himself and generally made the ‘Caps look like a much more coherent team.

Ranko Veselinovic: N/A

Unlike the last time he was brought on late to protect a one goal lead, he did not score an own goal. I was tempted to give him a 10 as a bit but I don’t think you can really grade 10 minutes of action.