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Guess the Starting XI - Match 30 vs. Portland

It’s a quick turnaround for the Whitecaps as they face a crucial tilt at Providence Park.

MLS: Portland Timbers at Vancouver Whitecaps FC Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back everyone.

I’ll keep it brief this week as we have three matches in relatively quick succession. After an impressive showing on the weekend at home, the Whitecaps will be taking their fortunes on the road to one of last year’s temporary homes, Providence Park. On this occasion, the Whitecaps will have to face the full brunt of the Timbers Army, so it will be unlike anything they have experienced for a while in that building.

Looking at the ‘Caps themselves, we’re going to find out how much squad rotation Vanni Sartini wants to employ, especially with a number of players just having come back from injury or international duty. Might we see Cristian Gutierrez make his first start in a long time, for example. Elsewhere at the back, Ranko Veselinovic seems unlikely after he was removed with a knock on Sunday, and it will be interesting to see if Erik Godoy, who has only just come back from a long absence, will be called to start a second match in a row. At the other end of the pitch, Deiber Caicedo appears as a likely candidate to start, but other than that, it could be quite wide open.

On a scoring note, a big shout out to CReimTime, Mykvechkin and CDPrior, who all guessed the 2-1 VWFC victory correctly from the last match.

Ok, on to rules and standings as per usual.

  • Predictions will be ‘valid’ if posted HERE (or more accurately, the correct match thread) prior to the lineup being officially announced, usually about an hour before kickoff.
  • You receive 1 point for every player you correctly guess to be in the Starting XI. You receive 4 bonus points for correctly predicting all 11 starters.
  • You get 5 points for correctly guessing Win/Lose/Draw, this doubles to 10 if you also predict the right score-line along with the result.
  • That means, if you correctly predict the Starting XI, Final Score, and Winner, you can earn 25 points!
  • At the end of each quarter, the contestants lowest score of that period will be deducted from the cumulative standings.