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Report Card: Vancouver Whitecaps at Montreal Impact

The grades are in! From top to bottom, we take a look at the individual performances from Tuesday’s match.

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC at Montreal Impact Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

As a team, the Vancouver Whitecaps have no points, no goals, and only four shots on target to their name since the re-start of the Canadian MLS regular season. That is decidedly not very good. But we’re not here to discuss the team and its current woes, we’re here to break down the individual performances, so without further ado, let’s get into it.

Thomas Hasal - 7.0

Just two saves in this one for Hasal, but notably, I thought his distribution was much better. It turns out the numbers back this up, as he was 23/27 on his passes for 85% (a very high rate for a goalkeeper). If we really want to nitpick, perhaps he could’ve read Lappalainen’s body language to anticipate the shot on the second goal, but that’s a big ask for any keeper on such a clear-cut chance.

Ranko Veselinovic - 2.0

Ranko is a really good player, but this was a tough outing for him. His failure to read the play leading up to the first impact goal left Dajome on an island defensively, which led to the assisting cross into the box. Then on the second Impact goal, he’s simply caught out and doesn’t have the pace to recover. A large part of the blame here also goes to Marc Dos Santos, as the combo of Ranko and Dajome on the right side simply didn’t work in the first forty-five.

Andy Rose - 6.0

Nothing spectacular to report here, but a rock solid showing. When your centrebacks are completing more passes than anyone else on the squad, that’s a bit of a problem, but that’s not Andy’s fault. Rose completed 94% of his team-high 78 passes, and also showed off his passing touch with 9 successful long balls.

Derek Cornelius - 7.0

Despite the lack of consistent starts, Cornelius continues to perform admirably. Not only was he the most solid defensive piece in this match for VWFC, but he also got stuck in offensively, with a couple good chances on corners, and by drawing the penalty kick which was missed.

Cristian Dajome - 5.5

This one is a real mixed bag. He was miscast in the first half at right wing back, and although his one-on-one defending was actually really good, his positioning was not. Then in the second half, Dajome switched boots, played his natural position, and was much more active. He had two key passes, completed six long balls and won eight of his eleven ground duels.

Patrick Metcalfe - 5.0

He only played forty five minutes, but he also never missed a pass, going seventeen for seventeen. His perfect passing record is actually a bit of an indictment of his play though: Metcalfe has the tools, but is going to need to be more aggressive if he wants to stay in the lineup.

Michael Baldisimo - 8.5

My man of the match, Baldisimo was the greatest bright spot for VWFC on an otherwise uninspiring night. He consistently looked to progress the ball forwards, which is groundbreaking for a Whitecaps midfielder, and yet was also efficient in doing so, with 93% passing accuracy. His free kick attempt on goal was notable, and hopefully the youngster who has waited so long for his first MLS start can stay healthy and continue to grow in confidence.

Russell Teibert - 5.5

More of the same from Rusty really. 94% passing accuracy, one key pass, but generally not a lot of forward play or chance creation. Teibert’s consistency and work rate are admirable, but you have to question whether or not younger players like Metcalfe and Baldisimo might be able to fill the role alongside an In Beom replacement.

Ali Adnan - 3.5

Adnan has struggled to find the same game-breaking form he possessed at times in Orlando. For a player the Whitecaps often structure their offence around, he needs to be better. Adnan lost possession twenty times (!) during the match, and competed just 75% of his passes.

David Milinkovic - 5.5

Another victim of playing out of position in the first half, Milinkovic simply didn’t see the ball enough, and was often isolated alongside Cavallini. He looked more lively at the start of the second half, but was still only marginally involved.

Lucas Cavallini - 2.5

Many of Cavallini’s struggles so far this year are down to the team, and not necessarily an individual problem. On penalties though, there’s nowhere to hide. Cava is clearly snake bit at the moment, and you can’t help but feel bad for him in that regard. Overall though, his holdup play and passing vision leaves something to be desired right now. But again, it feels like the team needs to improve around him in order for progress to be made there.

Jacob Nerwinski - 6.0

Came on for a tactical change in the second half and the team played much better, at least defensively. In hindsight, he probably should’ve started the match with four at the back. I think that Nerwisnki has been the least of the Whitecaps’ problems this season.

Leonard Owusu - 6.0

Owusu was perfect on his passing in the second half and overall very efficient. Muscle tightness kept him from starting this one, but he’s obviously one of the Whitecaps best players. The prospect of Owusu and Baldisimo starting together in midfield actually has me a little bit excited, imagine that.

Ryan Raposo - 5.5

Raposo made a number of aggressive forward runs and also had one key pass. Overall consistency is still an issue, but he’s a decent bench option for the Whitecaps, especially if Dajome and Milinkovic start on the wings.

Yordy Reyna - 4.0

Yordy was lively at times when he came on, but for one of the Whitecaps’ best players on pure quality, he needs to make a bigger impact. Unless his discipline and commitment improve, the Whitecaps should look to move on and invest their resources elsewhere.

Tossaint Ricketts - N/A

Ricketts only had five touches so not a ton to say here. I’m also tempted to say that MDS should give him a start up top just to mix things up.

Marc Dos Santos - 1.5

Starting with five at the back against a team which has struggled consistently against a 4-3-3 was a mistake. Dos Santos remedied the shape at the half, but by that time, the defensive damage had already been done. Regardless of the formation the Whitecaps play, Dos Santos is really struggling to have his players understand their roles and operate comfortably and creatively within them. Can this be fixed? I’m not really sure. But having a cohesive identity would probably help, it feels like the Whitecaps are changing who they want to be every match right now. That has to stop.

Well...there we have it, what were your thoughts on the individual performances from Tuesday night, do you agree with ours, or do you have your own takes? Let us know!