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Coffee with the Caps, Monday May 11

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SOCCER: JUL 20 MLS - San Jose Earthquakes at Vancouver Whitecaps Photo by Devin Manky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good Monday morning Caps fans, hope this week treats you well and that you’re staying happy and healthy right now. Also a belated shoutout to all mothers out there reading this—you do the Lord’s work.

Well folks, we got through the weekend with the first major soccer league worldwide re-opening, apparently without incident. We are days away from the Bundesliga kicking off again. And some MLS teams are heading back to the training ground, as allowed by local rules. Not the most important part of society right now to be sure but it is heartening to see some leagues begin to resume.

And we even have some transfer rumors! How about that! Somehow we are hurtling towards what will be certainly a chaotic summer window and why not get a head start on the fun.

Initial reports out of Holland, subsuequently confirmed by GlassCity, indicate the Caps are interested in a free transfer swoop for this guy, Dutch-Curacao center back Roshan van Ejima.

I have to say, I was initially underwhelmed by this. Then I remembered how broke everyone in MLS (and world football) is going to be when the transfer window opens over the summer, meaning many clubs like the Caps will be doing more business in free transfers.

The upshot here? van Ejima is a young, physical defender with some height (6’1) who has been seeing increasingly more play time at his Ereste Division club, Roda JC, who is sitting just outside the relegation zone in the Dutch second division. van Ejima has started in roughly half of his side’s games, either at left back or center back, meaning he would provide some positional flexibility.

Finding quality data on the lower European leaues is a bit tricky at times for any player, much less a defender. And it seems likely that there would be some resale value to van Ejima down the line, even if he doesn’t wow in Vancouver.

But a 21-year-old defender who is rotation player on a team which has shipped 52 goals this season? At a position where the Caps are fairly well stocked? Using up an international spot? These don’t quite add up to me, even if it appears to confirm that Erik Godoy’s future is at right back.

You could argue that van Eijma would be some depth at left back too—true and a valid point. But don’t forget about Cristián Gutiérrez, himself only 23 years of age. The only reason another left back would be needed is if Ali Adnan leaves, something which, while not outside the realm of possibility, doesn’t seem as likely in a post-COVID-19 transfer world.

It’s fun having a transfer rumor to chew over in this wild world but this one doesn’t seem like the most necessary. Nothing against free transfers—in this day and age they will be more important, both in MLS and elsewhere. But perhaps the Caps should use them to shore up some other areas first.

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