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Coffee with the Caps, Friday April 3

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Colorado Rapids v Vancouver Whitecaps FC Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

Good morning Caps fans, hopefully you all are staying healthy, happy and socially distant these days.

It feels bizarre to think about the alien times of a month or two ago, when we congregated in stadiums or bars without a second thought, shook hands in lieu of bumping elbows and did not have to fight over the last loaf of bread at the grocery store.

Take heart folks, normal times will resume—eventually.

In the meantime I have (finally) tabulated the results of the Trivia Bonanza (TM). I also realized that I screwed the formatting up of the last question (damn you Google Sheets!) so I gave everyone a bonus point.

The victor was Stu with nine correct answers, followed closely by YVRJohn with eight—a hard fought battle. I hope all of you who played got a brief chuckle or a few moments of diversion. In case anyone was wondering, I’ll post the correct answers below

I was waived by the Whitecaps in 2012, scored two goals against them that year and have been a thorn in their side ever since. Who am I?

Answer: Lee Nguyen. Lots of answers of Sebastian Le Toux here, which is not far wrong although Le Toux did actually play a regular season match in Vancouver.

I was a Whitecaps’ keeper in the 1980s, twice representing Canada at the Olympics and World Cup. I also kept a stuffed parrot in the back of the net during games. Who am I?

Answer: Martino “Tino” Lettieri was the right answer here in a NASL-era deep cut.

I had a sprawling career, playing 11 years across 5 MLS teams. I have also been capped by both the U.S. and Cameroon. Who am I?

Answer: Tony Tchani

I scored in the inaugural match in Vancouver’s MLS history before being traded to the opponent in that match, Toronto FC, later that year. Now I make you reach for the mute button on TSN. Who am I?

Answer: Terry Dunfield. Everyone got this one right!

I have played on four continents. In two seasons in Vancouver I managed just one goal. I recently rejoined my head coach from that time at his new gig. Who am I?

Answer: Bernie Ibini, the latest addition to the Newcastle Jets manned by one Carl Robinson

In the last five seasons, I am the only Whitecaps player to score more than 15 goals in all competitions. I love love. I was once booked for twerking. Who am I?

Answer: Kei Kamara <3

I scored on my club debut, before missing the next several weeks after burning myself while cooking (a pretty good metaphor for my Vancouver career). Who am I?

Answer: Someone said Riveiro for this which made me chuckle and is a decent guess but alas, the answer is the mercurial Darren Mattocks

I speak seven languages. I have both coached and played for the Whitecaps. I still live in the neighborhood. Who am I?

Answer: Pacific FC’s latest manager, Pa-Modou Kah!

I scored the last goal in Vancouver’s USL stint, before sticking around as a coach the next year. I have since served as an assistant at the national team, USL and CPL levels. Who am I?

Answer: Lots of people with a good memory here, correctly naming Martin Nash

Despite my dad being a Whitecaps player, I never got a start in Vancouver. Who am I?

Answer: This is the one I screwed up but multiple people still managed to correctly identify this player as David Norman Jr.

Thanks y’all for playing; we’ll have another one of these along shortly (#content)

Shameless Self Promotion

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