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Coffee with the Caps, Monday April 27

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Vancouver Whitecaps FC Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Good Monday morning Caps fans—I haven’t yet been able to decide whether waking up on a Monday is harder or easier when you’re working from home.

If you need some positivity to brighten your morning, Coffee with the Caps is here for you, although it is likely you’ve seen the new if you’ve been bored on Twitter over the weekend but here goes.

Last week the Vancouver Aquarium announced it was in a perilous financial state given the current shutdown. Caring for animals ain’t cheap and apparently 85 percent of the its bottom line came from operations—operations which, it goes without saying, are impossible at the moment. Bankruptcy, the fear was, could be imminent sometime in the next few months without help.

Now, I get that aquariums and zoos are becoming increasingly controversial but I think there are a few things we all can agree on here: 1) no one, especially not the animals, would win if it were the close and 2) if done correctly a good aquarium is a net positive for general understanding of animals and ecosystems. My hometown of Baltimore has one of the best aquariums in North America and going was a formative experience of my childhood.

Anyway, this site isn’t specifically about belugas or sea otters (though it would be fun if it were). As you’ve probably read by now, this is where the Whitecaps entered the picture, selling colorful masks with sea creatures on them and donating funds generated to the aquarium.

The end result was 25,000 masks sold in a day, with that number rising to 50,000 by the end of the weekend. Some back of napkin math estimates that, at $20 a mask, that generates about a million dollars for the aquarium—enough to keep it going for at least a month.

At this time, more than ever, being a good community member is important. That could mean just wearing a mask when you go out to protect your friends and neighbors or, apparently, selling 50,000 masks to help a civic institution.

After a year in which good publicity hasn’t always been a given, this round of headlines is a breath of fresh air. This club should always do the right thing by its community and supporters. This is a welcome example of it living up to that promise. It may not be the motto anymore (a shame really) but we get a good example of Our All, Our Honour—hopefully the first of many from the club going forward.

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