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Coffee with the Caps, Friday April 10

Who wants to watch BBC Earth with Rusty?

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SOCCER: SEP 21 MLS - Columbus Crew SC at Vancouver Whitecaps Photo by Devin Manky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good Friday (hehehe see what I did there) morning Caps fans, hope you all are still coping with these trying times—as always 86F is here for you.

We begin the morning with disturbing, although not unsurprising news. Documents surfaced this past week confirming what was long rumored: that Anthony Blondell was charged with sexual assault stemming from a 2018 incident at a Vancouver apartment complex.

The charges were actually filed in October of last year, while Blondell was on loan in Chile. He was subsequently suspended indefinitely by MLS because of his alleged conduct, likely sealing his departure from the club.

The Caps confirmed that Blondell has returned to Vancouver periodically to handle the matter and with pre-trial not set to begin until December, this will likely drag on. And given that it involves an ongoing legal matter there isn’t a ton that the organization can say—most of the top brass weren’t even in Vancouver at the time the alleged incident took place.

You do hope, however, that they will be supportive of the survivors when the time comes. This is something that has been a problem in the past during the organization’s well documented internal problems with sexual assault and harassment—the replies have been either ignorant, tone deaf or both.

The Blondell case gives them a chance to make amends. The club has every opportunity to shift things under the rug—the player involved no longer is on their team, whereas most of the players and staff who are were not around in 2018. Let’s hope they do not.

If you want content that is a bit more on the uplifting side, we have that too. Earlier this week, Caps players chatted (virtually) with the media and gave an update on quarantine life.

The big revelations? Nothing was more shocking than the fact that Russell Teibert not only lacks Netflix but almost exclusively watches nature documentaries on TV. Why would anyone want to sell this guy, he’s such a gift.

Rusty says he’s been “reading a bit and listening to some records” which means we’ve been basically doing the same thing in quarantine.

Life in the Dos Santos household has involved plenty of FIFA it looks like which, again, is quite relatable. Also damn MDS has the cutest kids.

If you’ve been playing FIFA as the Whitecaps, let us know what you’ve done to turn them into a self-respecting, successful franchise. Hey, you never know, maybe Axel Schuster will be in touch.

In the meanwhile, here are some links:

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