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Match Review: Vancouver Whitecaps Defeat Colorado Rapids

The match may not have been played at BC Place, but Vancouver and Colorado found a way to still have a match.

The Vancouver Whitecaps were set to play the Colorado Rapids on Saturday evening at BC Place. However, the spread of the Coronavirus has led to most professional sports leagues, including Major League Soccer, shutting down their seasons until the threat decreases. This meant that BC Place was empty Saturday evening. However, the coronavirus didn’t fully stop the two clubs from facing each other on Saturday, as both clubs’ social media teams faced off in a classic connect four match.

The Vancouver Whitecaps started a formidable lineup for this one, led by Sheldon Rogers and Riley Radiuk.

As is typical, the national anthems were sung by Marie Hui

As the home team, Vancouver was first to kick-off, starting with a classic middle-of-the-bottom-row play.

The match was back and forth at first, being played in the middle, with each team simply playing on top of each other.

This led to the first non-altering play from Colorado just before the half, who had a game-winning shot to defend. They made the right move and the match continued. Colorado was certainly on their heels though.

After a back and forth first half, the game started to tighten up in the second half, each team knowing that the end was near. The first major mistake came from Colorado. After Vancouver played the third from the left, three high, Colorado decided to go second from the right, bottom row, when the ‘correct’ move was clearly third from he left, four high. After alternating most of the match, it was odd to see the Rapids make such a mistake. This began their inevitable downfall.

Vancouver began to set themselves up for the win, as Colorado did not get another chance to go on the offensive, merely countering every Whitecaps opportunity to close out the match. Finally, Vancouver put Colorado into a no-win situation, playing second from the left, three high.

This forced Rapids to play right above, to prevent the four across victory, which gave the Whitecaps the foundation to play second from the left, five high to win with a diagonal connect four!

It was a well-played match at home from the Whitecaps and Marc Dos Santos....something we have not seen lately. Apparently, the Caps have found their next opponent, so make sure to stay tuned for that one.

What was your thoughts on the match? Anything stand out for you? Man of the Match?

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