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Team Takeover: Who should stay and who should go for 2021? (TAM Players)

MLS: LA Galaxy at Vancouver Whitecaps FC Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Once again we are back to talk about which Vancouver Whitecaps players should stay and which ones should go. This time we’re looking at players who the Whitecaps chose to use targeted allocation money to acquire (of course they also got Owusu with TAM but if you don’t like it you can make your own article).

Cristian Dájome:

Data courtesy of American Soccer Analysis and Whoscored

Dájome struggled at the start of the season but towards the end he established himself as a key player. Dájome is ultra direct, constantly attempting speculative long range shots, crosses, and dribbles. Sometimes it works out and a goal happens. This style can make him a bit frustrating to watch but in the long run it adds up just enough for Dájome to be a decent MLS attacker. It will be interesting to see how he performs in a slightly more normal season.

Caleb: I vote to keep Dájome. He puts in a Herculean defensive effort every game and produces just enough offence to get by as an MLS starter. He should not be relied upon as one of the main scorers of the team but if he’s part of a front four with Cavallini, a new DP, and a young DP winger then that’s more than ok by me.

Luis: I vote to keep Dájome. Definitely began to fulfill his promise as time went on during this unprecedented season. If the rumours that he could be getting a Colombian partner on the opposite flank hold true, then he could very play a mentor role for him. Other than that, I think he should be someone to keep an eye on with a more developed system around him.

Andrew: I vote to keep Dájome. Was a fan of this signing when it happened and am equally high on Dajome today. Was one of the few player who actually fit in well with the Caps’ tactical strategy and I think he will continue to grow with a full under MLS season under his belt (and hopefully a DP midfielder to boot).

Ian: I vote to keep Dájome. One of the bright spots of 2020 for the Whitecaps, grew into the club once he picked up the flow of the league. I thought he was great at generating offense, can maybe improve on shot selection, but overall was a threat the Whitecaps needed. And if possible, here’s hoping Dájome can shake the “diver” image the PROs tacked on him. You go down easy once early in the season and the refs never forget it...

Sam: I vote to keep Dájome. It took a while for Dajome to settle in, but he really came on in the second half of the season. Overall, he was one of the team’s most consistent performers. He was also the only Whitecaps player to appear in every match this past season. I think it’s reasonable to say his game would only get better with the addition of another skilled winger and a #10.

The Eighty Six Forever staff voted unanimously to keep Dájome.

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Erik Godoy:

Erik Godoy started the season out with an injury but returned to re-establish himself as a top MLS centre back. He’s not exactly a beast in the air but other than that he’s pretty solid.

Caleb: I vote to keep Godoy. He was my pick for team MVP in 2020 and is one of the most obvious keeps on the roster.

Luis: I vote to keep Godoy. A solid defender if he stays fit, I believe he could have the potential to be one of the best in the league given the proper tactical support. Finding someone to partner him should be in the ‘Caps’ first priorities this upcoming season.

Andrew: I vote to keep Godoy. The best thing the Caps happen to have going for them defensively. A clear player to bring back, as he makes whomever pairs alongside him look so much better. Smart in his positioning, good on the ball — they just have to keep him healthy.

Ian: I vote to keep Godoy. Coming back from injury, the guy remained chill as a cucumber, which is a characteristic the Whitecaps are forever in need of in their centerbacks. He’s a quiet leader often bringing balance to a turbulent defense.

Sam: I vote to keep Godoy. He’s a top-ten centreback in MLS when healthy. My only concern at this point is if he can stay fit for a full season, he’s really been nagged by muscular issues these past two years.

The Eighty Six Forever staff voted unanimously to keep Godoy.

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Janio Bikel:

Janio Bikel was brought in to be a ball winning midfielder. He certainly did that. He was in the top 20 in tackles per game and in the top 5 in tackle success rate. Everything else he was pretty mediocre at.

Caleb: I vote to keep Bikel. His re-introduction to the team coincided with a significant decrease in the number of shots and xG the Whitecaps conceded per match, to the point that they went from one of the worst defensive teams in the league to the middle of the pack. Obviously he needs some players with more offensive gifts around him but his defensive play is very valuable.

Luis: I vote to keep Bikel. I think he’s been good but not anything too spectacular. Definitely should be fighting for minutes with Owusu to partner a TAM no.6 as I think while both are pretty good, the Whitecaps should continue to reach out with ambition for higher quality players.

Andrew: I vote to keep Bikel. Bikel did exactly what the team brought him in to do, no more and no less. But that was a big boost to a midfield which lacked an effective spine for so long. He isn’t going to do a ton to progress the ball but the Caps need to sign someone to do that anyway — Bikel is the only one on the roster who is so effective at winning the ball back and marshalling this midfield.

Ian: I vote to keep Bikel. The guy gets stuck in and makes his tackles, though if he’s ever paired with another defensively-minded CM we’ll never see a proper pass out of the back. I’m also a little wary at the rate Bikel picks up cards (maybe I’m wrong, but five yellows and a red in twelve matches is a little much), but based on his defensive acumen he should be the starting DCM for the Whitecaps.

Sam: I vote to keep Bikel. He’s 25, so I do wonder how much room there is for growth at this point, but he certainly brings the “destroy” you’d be looking for in a “destroy and progress” midfielder. The big question I still have is that we don’t really know how much the Whitecaps paid for him, I get the sense it might have been a bit pricey for the role he’d ideally play. Ultimately, he’d fit best in a midfield with two/three other very skilled passers.

The Eighty Six Forever staff voted unanimously to keep Bikel.

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    Not Keep Bikel
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