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Coffee with the Caps, Friday September 27

It’s in the game

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MLS: Columbus Crew SC at Vancouver Whitecaps FC Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday Caps fans, and after a wild week here in the U.S. it feels like we’ve all lived three weeks in one.

On the football front, we all have to wait an extra day before we see Vancouver in action against Zlatan FC aka LA Galaxy in Carson, as that match will take place on Sunday evening.

That’s ok though, because the extra day will mean more of a chance to play the new FIFA game, which was released Tuesday to much fanfare. While I would imagine the number of people buying the game to play as the Whitecaps could be counted on two hands (with fingers to spare), the game includes (as always) BC Place and a roster that will almost certainly be outdated two months after the game is released.

Nonetheless, here are the ratings for some of the more pertinent members of the squad:

Maxime Crepeau: 71

Jake Nerwinski: 66

Donneil Henry: 69

Derek Cornelius: 66

Ali Adnan: 74

Jon Erice: 69

Hwang In-Beom: 72

Russell Teibert: 67

Yordy Reyna: 71

Fredy Montero: 76

Joaquin Ardaiz: 66

Lass Bangoura: 67

Erik Godoy: 71

Theo Bair: 58

Michaell Chirinos: 71

A few things jumped out to me. Firstly, who is Fredy Montero paying off over at EA because his rating, year-after-year, is not only the highest on the team but one of the better strikers in MLS. Obviously this season that hasn’t been in line with his production but its nice to know that I’ll be able to score a few more goals with the virtual Vancouver Whitecaps than the real ones.

Ali Adnan seems about where he should be but I was surprised to see Hwang not be up in a similar echelon. Another season of solid play (hopefully with better talent surrounding him) should give him a ratings boost. I was pleasantly surprised to see Crepeau rated as he was; for years EA highly rated David Ousted and it would be nice to see another Whitecaps keeper get similar consideration. I was disappointed Theo Bair was so low but a little bit of training should get him up closer to the range where you can play him and not suffer any adverse effects.

The question of course, now that you know the ratings, is whether to actually pull the trigger and splash 60 bucks on the new game. I’m firmly of the belief that recent FIFAs (FIFA 17 notwithstanding) have ranged from mediocre to an absolute train wreck in terms of gameplay and the insane number of bugs that have made their way into the final product. This is in addition to the obsession (driven by the almighty micro transaction) with Ultimate Team at the expense of basically every other element of the game (specifically Career Mode, my preferred timekiller).

Early reports of the gameplay have been positive, however, which might be just enough to lull me into the trap of buying it. The reincarnation of FIFA Street (one of my all-time favorite video games) in this game is also a siren call that I’ll have to withstand in protest. That is, until Black Friday when the prices are slashed and I cave. If you bit the bullet and bought already, let us know what you think. If you, like me, are more hesitant, the comments are a safe place to rage against EA.

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