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Report Card: Vancouver Whitecaps vs FC Cincinnati

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC at FC Cincinnati Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

They finally won! It didn’t look super great but at this point the Vancouver Whitecaps will take what they can get. You know the drill.

Maxime Crepeau: 5.5

I thought he was a tad shaky. He almost got caught out a couple of times and maybe could have done a bit more to assert himself on the Cincinnati goal. That being said he still made a couple of very good saves.

Jake Nerwinski: 7.0

Nerwinski had a very solid defensive game. Here are all of his defensive actions on the evening:

He was dribbled past a few times but he managed to keep it tight down the right for the most part.

Erik Godoy: 6.5

He got caught ball watching on the goal but was solid thereafter.

Derek Cornelius: 7.5

He made a lot of clearances.

Ali Adnan: 7.0

Drove the play forward as he always does. Was only dribbled past once.

in-Beom Hwang: 7.5

He scored a goal which right away puts him at the top of any Whitecaps report card. He played a lot more directly than he normally does and that caused his ball retention to suffer. But for the most part he did all of the things you would hope he would do in a game. Scored a goal, had two key passes, and had a number of defensive actions.

Felipe: 7.0

Since he scored the all important goal we won’t talk to much about how his stat sheet was pretty blank otherwise. Full credit for the goal though as Felipe made a good run to get into that position.

Russel Teibert: 7.5

Since he got the all important assist we won’t talk to much about how his stat sheet was pretty blank otherwise. Full credit for the assist though as Teibert made a good run to get into that position. He gets rated slightly higher than Felipe for doing a bit more defensively.

Fredy Montero: 5.0

He shot a lot. He also looked slow both in terms of his ability to run and in terms of decision making. But he was Maradona compared to:

Joaquin Ardaiz: 4.0

Touched the ball 7 times. In fairness one of those touches was a key pass.

Theo Bair: 6.0

Caused some problems for Deplagne, a guy who was playing in Ligue 1 last year. Bair still looks a bit clumsy but he continues to generate scoring chances which is a positive sign. This was the first game where I thought he caused problems by doing more than just being a big guy in the box. He seems to be getting a bit more comfortable playing with the team (one very bad giveaway aside).


Brett Levis: 5.0

Came on for Ardaiz and touched the ball more times in 25 minutes than Ardaiz did the whole rest of the game. He certainly looked more motivated than “the next Cavani.”

Andy Rose/Scott Sutter: N/A

Came on to close out the game and managed to do that but didn’t have enough time to get a proper grade.