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Coffee with the Caps, Monday August 12

No, no, no ... that’s a gollllllllllazo

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MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC at Portland Timbers Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Good Monday morning Caps fans. It was a beautiful late summer weekend over in my neck of the woods and I hope you all had a chance to get outside and enjoy it.

The Caps may have lost Saturday night to Portland but it was the first defeat in awhile that I ... actually felt OK about. Instead of lamely parking the bus for 90 minutes, there was some actual wide-open, back-and-forth that had to be entertaining for neutrals. If Yordy Reyna’s questionable disallowed goal was counted it would have been a whole different ballgame—something I didn’t anticipate going in.

The highlight, of course, was Theo Bair’s golazo to tie the score up at 1-1 late in the first half. On the off chance you’ve been living on Mars and haven’t seen it, here is the video:

Quite the way to open your goal-scoring account in MLS, eh? The goal drew instant comparisons to Eric Hassli’s goal of the year winning strike against Seattle in 2011.

Bair could lay claim to goal of the year honors this year as well. High degree of difficulty? Check, both the contortion needed to get off a shot and the awareness of where he was on the pitch are completely impressive. Coming at a key moment? Check, as even though the Caps lost the match, Bair’s goal was a huge lifeline. Plus it had the bonus of being his first goal in MLS.

The moment got me thinking about my favorite goals in Whitecaps’ history. Excluding the obvious Hassli goal, I quickly settled on my choice: Blas Perez’s bicycle kick to slay the Chicago Fire in 2016.

While undeniably impressive, the goal is of personal importance more than anything else. In 2016 I was a sophomore in college and my two best friends were big Chicago Fire fans. That match was a wild ride: the Caps going ahead early, Chicago equalizing, Masato Kudo getting punched out, etc. The joy I got from gloating in our group text was massive after Perez got on his bike. The fact that it came from a man who so often had tormented the Caps made it even more sweetly poetic.

So I turn the question over to you all: what is the best goal in Whitecaps history? We will again exempt the Hassli banger from consideration because, well, that’s just two easy. Feel free to include goals that predate my fandom—I don’t have the institutional memory to account for all the NASL/USL era bangers that many on this site enjoyed back in the day. As always, leave your choices in the comments

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