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Report Card: Vancouver Whitecaps vs San Jose Earthquakes: Personal Hell


MLS: San Jose Earthquakes at Vancouver Whitecaps FC Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Maxime Crepeau: 7.0

Remember how I said that the Whitecaps do a good job of limiting the opponent to shots from bad areas but they concede so many shots that eventually something weird will happen? Well we got a good practical example of that today. Vako took a shot from outside the box which smashed off the post, off Crepeau’s back and after a scramble ended up in the goal. Crepeau probably could have done a bit better on the first goal but he also made two brilliant saves so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jake Nerwinski: 6.0

Nerwinski wasn’t bad defensively but he didn’t offer much going forward.

Doneil Henry: 8.0

Was responsible for 13 of the Whitecaps shots, had the ‘Caps only shot on target and of course scored a goal. Henry was also one of four Whitecaps to successfully complete a dribble. Defensively he lead the team in blocks. There were a couple of times when the backline defended to deeply (this could appear in every Vancouver Whitecaps match report for the past decade) but as an individual Henry was very good.

Erik Godoy: 5.0

Struggled to play out of the back (this could appear in every Vancouver Whitecaps match report for the past decade) and wasn’t super active defensively considering how stuck in their own end the Whitecaps were.

Ali Adnan: 5.0

Got very mad. One of four Whitecaps to complete a dribble. Christian Espinoza who he was playing directly against had 7 key passes and 5 shots.

Jon Erice: 5.0

Made a tackle which immediately means he played better than the average Andy Rose game. I can’t say he really imposed himself on the game much other than that though.

In-beom Hwang: 3.0

Allegedly played the entire match.

Russel Teibert: 2.0

Lass Bangoura: 1.5

Notably had the fewest touches of any Whitecaps starter. Also:

Yordy Reyna: 5.0

He was by far the Whitecaps’ most dangerous attacking player and...yeah.

Fredy Montero: 4.0

Had a key pass! And two dribbles! No shots though.


Felipe: 4.5

Made a key pass and took a hilariously pathetic free kick. This still makes him significantly more effective than Teibert of Bangoura were.

Joaquin Ardaiz: 3.0

Put a shot over the bar. Only had 12 touches in 30+ minutes

Theo Bair: 5.0

Managed a key pass meaning he was in a 4 way tie for first for most creative Whitecap on the night.