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Report Card: Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Seattle Sounders


MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC at Seattle Sounders FC Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

It was a wildly frustrating loss Saturday at CenturyLink Field, as a late, late, winner from Kelvin Leerdam sunk the Caps after a rollicking derby match.

How did the respective players fare in our report card? Read on to find out

Zach MacMath: 7.5

Made a couple confident decisions to come out on set pieces early which set the tone for the match: this was a more confident MacMath after a couple of shaky matches. What will likely be forgotten in the goal/no goal fiasco is that he made an excellent save to bail out Ali Adnan. He will likely be back on the bench next week but this was a good performance to go out on.

Ali Adnan: 5

A tough performance to pinpoint. His defense left a lot to be desired. He got caught ball watching a couple times and he was nearly punished for a horrendous turnover. Did well to stretch the pitch however, and only the fist of Stefan Frei denied him a goal on what may be his swan song in a Caps’ uniform. Overall, this match can be classified as the best of Adnan and the worst of Adnan.

Erik Godoy: 6

Had one instance in the first half when he got caught flat footed and was nearly punished for it but overall was a fine match from Godoy--didn’t have any other glaring errors, nor did he have any spectacular defensive efforts.

Andy Rose: 6.5

Some Donneil Henry-eque blocks and clearances, Rose was solid defensively for about 90 percent of the match but just looked gassed late and his performance suffered accordingly. It was this fatigue that set up the winner but overall Rose capped a nice stretch filling at an unnatural position.

Jake Nerwinski: 7

Making some nice runs and trying to get engaged offensively, similar to Adnan he seemed to try and stretch the defense as best he could while also covering for Felipe. Generally quite sound defensively but did lose his man (Brad Smith) on one of Seattle’s best chances of the match. Made amends by doing very well to close down Harry Shipp on a dangerous counter and showed a competent, confident look.

Jon Erice: 6

Much like the rest of the team, he looked pretty tired late and it was his mediocre clearance that set up the winning goal. Was typically well organized but let things break down in the middle late, which was partly responsible for the sheer number of shots the Caps conceded in the last 10 minutes.

PC Giro: 6.5

It took him some time but PC seemed to settle in during the second half and adapt well to a bit of a new role . Was a nice conduit on attacks, including one great through ball to spring the Caps’ most promising counter. He wasn’t super involved offensively but he put in a good shift in a deeper role than he usually plays and I’d be good seeing him play there again. Replaced by Lucas Venuto in the second half.

Felipe Martins: 6

Had to work to build chemistry with Nerwinski, something that had a couple hiccups early, but their relationship seemed to get more polished. Had some great balls forward but his defensive decision making befuddles me (bicycle kicks deep in your own half are not the greatest idea IMO). A pretty typical performance that shows why he divides the Caps’ fanbase so much.

In-Beom Hwang: 7

I think you could make a pretty good argument that Hwang’s abilities work better in a deeper lying role and tonight’s match was a good example of this. Showed good defensive energy to boot, although perhaps too much energy because he also crashed and burned at perhaps the worst time.

Yordy Reyna: 7.5

Wasn’t always uber-involved but when he was he had no problem taking on defenders and generally showing off his red hot form. Was the Caps’ most dangerous player

Fredy Montero: 5.5

Wasn’t his best passing performance but, in his defense, he got stranded on an island for most of the first half. Business picked up in the second half and I think it took some time for him to work with Reyna and figure out positioning. His finishing was not abject but there was absolutely room for improvement and Replaced by Theo Bair in stoppage time.

Lucas Venuto: 6.5

A pretty typical Lucas Venuto performance. Despite his winner against FC Dallas, it was another match where Venuto misplaced his shooting boots at the worst possible time

Theo Bair: N/A

Came on too late to earn a rating but did have a vital block late that (at the time) would have preserved a draw. Would like to see him get more of a run out.