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Haiti Wins Second all Time Victory Against Overly Confident French Speaking Power (Satire?)

Haiti v Canada: Quarterfinals - 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Folks, history has repeated itself. For the second time in History Haiti has defeated a much richer nation with french as an official language; who were looking past them in anticipation of a supposedly harder matchup against Spanish speaking opposition. You’d think they’d learn!

As in 1791, Haiti started positively, seemingly fizzled out and then came back stronger than before. Keeping this positivist approach to history going, i’m anticipating that Haiti will declare itself on the side of either Costa Rica or Mexico and then catch them off guard by scoring a goal on them to knock them out of the competition. England will then declare sovereignty over Haiti’s appearance in the Gold Cup final before loosing out due to sending a reserve side to try and back up their words.