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A Plea to Vancouver Whitecaps fans| Vote For Cincinnati Players for MLS All Star

Folks we have a legitimate chance to directly help the Vancouver Whitecaps win a game of football. On August 1st the MLS all stars will take on Atletico Madrid. Two days later the Vancouver Whitecaps take on F.C Cincinnati. Since the MLS all star team is mostly decided through fan voting we can make sure that up to 8 Cincy players have had to fly all the way to Orlando and back in the week before the game. Not only that, we could give Darren Mattocks a crack at Atletico Madrid. Could you imagine the memes if Darren Mattocks scores against Atletico Madrid?

Voting is open until June 13th and you can vote daily. You can vote on the MLS website or by starting the players you want to vote for in FUT, if you’re into FIFA. Your results in the game may suffer but it will be worth it for that sweet real life success. Now you do have to provide a postal code to vote and for some reason it won’t accept any postal codes I give it*. I’ve tried both my own and the postal code of my Parent’s last address in the States but the website continues to insist it isn’t a real postal code. No idea what’s going on there but if you figure it out let us know.

The lead art of this piece is the ballet I tried to submit but here it is again:

Unfortunately you can’t vote for 11 Cincy players so for my extra three i’ve gone with Beitashour because I like him, Jonny Russel to make Michael McColl happy and Latif Blessing because he’s chronically underpaid and I figure having “MLS all star” on his resume might help his next contract negotiation. But If you can figure out any other way to game the system, get creative, or give the Whitecaps a boost i’d love to hear it.

*Update: I gave it a random Alaska postal code and it worked. So if you’re having trouble, 99501 my guy.