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Coffee with the Caps, Friday April 26

Breaking up is hard to do

MLS: Los Angeles FC at Vancouver Whitecaps FC Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Good Friday morning Caps fans.

Or perhaps not a good Friday morning; it’s been a rough week for the Caps and it was both self inflicted and caused by turmoil off the pitch.

Coming on top of continued allegations that the club covered up sexual harassment of players in its women’s program, 1130news uncovered a racist past for one of coaches in the club’s youth program. Caleb Wilkins gives us the rundown:

[Coach Brett] Adams and his colleague Lee Broster quit their jobs at Notts County before the club could complete an investigation into allegations by “eight or nine” youth players. The players told investigators they feared reprisal for speaking out. Adams was alleged to have thrown a banana at a black player and told him to “fuck off and eat it.” Broster, who worked closely with Adams, was alleged to have turned off all of the lights in a room and asked the black players to smile so he could see their teeth and to have said to players who were listening to hip hop “No wonder you black lads always go around stabbing people when you listen to music like that.”

The worst part is these allegations not only drew investigation from Notts County and local police but that they’re so well documented, a simple Google search of “Brett Adams” brings them quickly to your attention. This means the club either was too incompetent to dig into Adams’ past or didn’t care about the racism. And this isn’t just one instance of racism. Nor is it the kind of thing that I believe someone can become educated about and move on from. No, this is deep seated bigotry.

if you’re reading this, you’re almost certainly up to date on all of this. The question I’m more interested in (and I’m sure most fans are as well) is what to do.

It isn’t a state secret that I’ve found the club’s handling of the allegations against its women’s program disgusting. One boilerplate statement (which was apparently not even entirely accurate) is simply abysmal. Now the incompetence and ignorance exhibited by the club to back the hiring of a man with a clear history of racism has made me question whether this is the team I want to support going forward.

I’m not alone, obviously. The Southsiders walked out of the LAFC match and many members are questioning renewing season tickets. Some have actually done so:

At the end of the day, however, the failings of the club’s front office are not the fault of the players on the field, nor the current first team coaching staff. So I think most fans, myself included, have opted to stick around because we do not wish to punish a group of players who both need our support and have not created the cesspool of off-the-field trouble.

But my plans to purchase a hoop kit have been put on hold indefinitely. If I had season tickets, I would cancel them as well (living in Pennsylvania makes me immune to those types of decisions unless the Caps are playing the Union). And I only will watch matches because I want to continue this website’s solid coverage going forward, not because I wish to tacitly bolster the TV rights of the club going forward.

I’m curious how you all are considering your support of the club in these trying times. Are you, like me, launching a boycott? Do you think these protests will even do any good? Let us know in the comments.

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