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Vancouver Whitecaps Officially Announce Lucas Cavallini

Soccer: CONCACAF Nations League Soccer-USA at Canada Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

After rumors last summer that the Whitecaps were trying to bring in Canadian striker Lucas Cavallini from Club Puebla in Liga MX, only to have those efforts fall through because of Cavallini not wanting to be away from his spouse and newborn, the club finally got their man. This morning, the Vancouver Whitecaps officially announced Lucas Cavallini as the newest player, signing a designated player contract for three years with an option for 2023.

The transfer is rumored to be for around six million dollars. While the club acknowledged it was for a club-record transfer fee, Schuster was unwilling to attach a specific dollar figure to the transaction. Moreover, it is unclear whether Major League Soccer helped pay some of the transfer fee. In the past, Don Garber had said that MLS would be willing to pay some of a transfer fee for a big-name Canadian international. It appeared that when the Whitecaps, and others, were interested in bringing in Atiba Hutchinson that the league was willing to provide some of that transfer fee. While Cavallini certainly doesn’t have the history of Hutchinson, I would still consider him a big-name Canadian international.

Edit: Michael, from AFTN, asked this in the press conference (at around 20:20 if you are watching the YouTube version) and Schuster said that they do not discuss these details.

We will keep this brief as Caleb Wilkins take an in-depth look at what Cavallini means for the Whitecaps, while AtlantisB examines the 4-3-3 formation, with a brief discussion of how Cavallini fits in.

While Cavallini is certainly a step in the right direction, there is the bigger question still remaining of who is going to get the ball from Crepeau to Cavallini. The club has still not addressed their black hole in midfield, and without some playmakers in the midfield Cavallini will be as successful as Montero, Bair, and Reyna. The other question is what is the best formation to exploit Cavallini’s skillset. Caleb has some thoughts in his introduction to Cavallini while Andrew_Bahl gives some thoughts as well.

At the end of the day, are you happy with this announcement? Is it a step in the right direction? What is still needed in the midfield and elsewhere? What should be the formation of choice for the club? Let us know your thoughts below.