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Coffee with the Caps, Monday December 16

We got our man!

Soccer: CONCACAF Gold Cup-Haiti at Canada John Glaser-USA TODAY Sports

Morning folks, it’ll be a quick hitting CWTC this morning due to a busy day at work. But I wanted to do one because the worst kept secret in MLS appears to be resolving itself this morning: the Caps will finally announce they have singed Lucas Cavallini for a fee hovering around 5 or 6 million dollars.

The Caps social media team, of course, could not be content with a mere press release and instead put out a video skewering those who wish they would just spend some loonies dammit.

I thought it was pretty funny actually and was more a shot at the insufferable portions of our fanbase than trying to make light of founded criticisms of the club. But others were less enthused.

In any event, the unveiling will take place at 10 a.m. PST and will put us all out of our banter-licious social media induced misery. The signing, as I’ve discussed previously, is one that I’m over the moon with—I think MDS will be able to well tailor the 4-3-3 to fit Cavallini’s skill set and his bona fides (Canadian! With proven goal scoring experience!) should help us overcome our fatalistic tendencies as a fanbase ... for at least 10 minutes anyway.

There are concerns that perhaps Cavallini doesn’t have a ton of resale value due to his age but this was one the Caps still needed to pull the trigger on for a wide variety of reasons and it is refreshing that they did so.

Onto the links!

Shameless Self Promotion

Remember on Friday when we briefly touched on the possibility that MDS was plotting a change in formation? Well our fearless leader AtlantisB did a very in-depth look at the pros and cons of the current 4-3-3 and laid out what a change might entail. I feel like the signing of Cavallini, who does well feasting off of crosses, as well as links to a couple cross-happy wingers, points more to MDS sticking with the 4-3-3 BUT I’ve been wrong about these things in the past!

Best of the Rest

To ring in the Cavallini signing, the Caps have opted for a tank outside BC Place. Am glad the marketing team is working overtime anyway named Seattle Sounders the best club of the decade. After you get done barfing at that choice, tell us who you think should earn that honor

Georgetown beat Virginia in penalties to claim their first ever national championship in soccer. This means we can all shift our attention to the SuperDraft!

The European Champions League draw has wrapped up and there are a number of tasty draws including Man City/Real Madrid, Chelsea/Bayern and Dortmund/PSG

Give us your hottest takes on Cavallini (or anything else) in the comments