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The Whitecaps are in a Good Place Roster and Salary Wise

So, what is the Whitecaps current roster and salary cap situation anyway? We let you know all the details.

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps head coach Marc Dos Santos Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Since his arrival in November, Marc Dos Santos has made significant changes to the Vancouver Whitecaps roster. While some fans are panicking that no major additions have been announced, it is important to remember that the Winter Transfer Window has yet to open. However, that date is just around the corner. With that in mind, we look at what the Whitecaps current roster, salary cap, and financial situation is. This could get complicated, so we will break it up into separate posts. Today, we will focus simply on the roster and salary cap situation. We will then look at TAM and GAM, followed by transactions.

In Major League Soccer, teams have 30 roster positions. The first 20 roster spots are considered the ‘senior roster’ and count towards the salary cap. Spots 21 to 24 are called the supplemental roster and consist of players that are typically on lower salaries. Spots 25-30 are called the ‘reserve roster’ and are typically consisting of homegrown players and youngsters. If you want all the technical requirements of each roster position, you can follow this link.

In 2018, the salary cap was $4,035,000. Teams were allowed three designated players (DP), with the DP counting only $504,375 to the salary cap. For DP under 23, they would only count $150,000 (20 or younger) or $200,000 (21-23). The DP designation is for players that are making, typically, $1,000,000+. For those below that mark, there is Targeted Allocation Money (TAM). TAM players can be ‘bought down’ so that their salary cap hit is only $150,000; it can be more, but that is the minimum. Again, if you want all the details, follow this link.

To ensure the development of United States players, each team is given a maximum of eight international roster spots (IRS). While Canadians count as domestics for Canadian teams, they don’t for U.S. teams. Those eight roster spots are able to be traded between teams, allowing clubs to have more than the maximum. Until 2031 (yes, you read that correctly), the Vancouver Whitecaps have one of Colorado’s IRS, thanks to a 2010 trade for Sanna Nyassi. In the Kendall Waston trade in December, the Caps picked up one of Cincinnati’s IRS. That means that Vancouver has 10 IRS for 2019 (thus far).

Okay, now let’s get to what you actually care about; the Vancouver Whitecaps roster. In the below table is a list of the current roster of the Whitecaps, along with their roster position, contract status, and their 2018 Guaranteed Salary and their 2018 Salary Cap hit. These numbers will change in 2019, but they should give you a rough idea. If you have any additional information, especially about contract status, please let me know in the comments and I will update the table.

Current 2019 Salary and Roster Situation

Last Name First Name Roster Position Contract Status 2018 Guaranteed 2018 Salary Cap
Last Name First Name Roster Position Contract Status 2018 Guaranteed 2018 Salary Cap
Yordy Reyna Senior Roster (INT-TAM) Option 2019 & 2020 $533,700 $150,000
Anthony Blondell Senior Roster (INT-TAM) Signed 2019 & 2020 $295,203 $150,000
Efrain Juarez Senior Roster (INT-TAM) Signed 2019; 2020 Option $619,833 $150,000
Victor Giro Senior Roster (DOM) Signed 2019; ??? Option $95,312 $95,312
Felipe Martins Senior Roster (DOM) Signed 2019; ??? Option $425,000 $425,000
Maxime Crepeau Senior Roster (DOM) Signed 2019 $84,083 $84,083
Zac MacMath Senior Roster (DOM) ??? $170,000 $170,000
Marcel de Jong Senior Roster (DOM) Signed 2019; 2020 Option $160,000 $160,000
Andy Rose Senior Roster (DOM) Signed 2019 & 2020; 2021 Option --- ---
Doneil Henry Senior Roster (DOM) Options 2019 & 2020 $154,238 $154,238
. Senior Salary Total $2,537,369 $1,538,633
Levis Brett Supplemental (USL) Option 2019 $70,750 $0
Newinski Jacob Supplemental (DRAFT) Signed 2019; 2020 & 2021 Options $71,625 $0
Russell Teibert Reserve (HG) Signed 2019 & 2020 $160,000 $0
Theo Bair Reserve (HG) Signed 2019 & ??? $0
David Norman Jr. Reserve (HG) Options 2019, 2020, and 2021 $54,500 $0
Michael Baldisimo Reserve (HG) Signed 2019 & ??? $116,471 $0
Sean Melvin Reserve (HG) 2019, 2020, & 2021 Options $55,500 $0
Simon Colyn Reserve (HG) Signed 2019 & 2020; 2021 & 2022 Options $60,750 $0

As you can see, the Whitecaps have ten senior rostered players, with two available supplemental positions and zero reserve positions. Of course, reserve players can be moved to other places, and can also be loaned out to remove them from the roster position.

Of the 10 IRS Vancouver has available, three are currently being used by Reyna, Juarez, and Blondell. In addition, all three were on TAM deals (Blondell due to transfer fee), so they could be again this season. If so, the Whitecaps have around $1.75 million (I included a bit for raises) in salary.

The Vancouver Whitecaps still need to make many additions to their roster; however, they have excellent flexibility. They have plenty of salary cap space, seven IRS available, three designated player slots available, and LOTS of allocation money available (more on that later). While some fans may be nervous that the cupboard is a bit barebones right now, there is nothing to worry about and the Caps are in a good position to address the roster situation when the time comes.

What are your thoughts on the current situation of the Whitecaps?