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Report Card: Whitecaps vs Fire

MLS: Chicago Fire at Vancouver Whitecaps Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Brain Rowe: C

He was fine. Didn’t make any really noteworthy saves but couldn’t really be blamed for either goal

Jake Nerwinski: C

Wasn’t that noticeable as Chicago seemed to target the left side more. He didn’t make any serious errors though.

José Aja: D+

Lost Nikolic on the first goal. His passing wasn’t that great either.

Doneil Henry: B+

Was tremendous in the air, passed the ball well and led the team in both tackles and blocked shots.

Marcel De Jong: C+

Was ok defensively and got forward pretty well but was outmuscled a bit during the lead up to the second goal.

Efrain Juárez: A+

He played well defensively, got an assist, and completed 100% of his passes. It’s not totally unreasonable to suggest he literally couldn’t have done anything better.

Felipe: C

Was a bit anonymous and didn’t put in the greatest tackle on the first goal. That being said though he still managed a key pass and over 85% passing. Felipe has set a high standard for himself with his play over the last two months but he didn’t quite meet that standard in this game.

Jordon Mutch: B

Did well to stay calm on his goal and was generally solid otherwise. I think perhaps his goal is causing his performance to be a bit overrated but he had a very solid game.

Alphonso Davies: A

Was involved in two goals and regularly made Chicago’s defenders look like training pylons. I also thought he showed commendable composure in the lead up to the first goal. In the past we might have seen him smash that ball into the goalkeeper but he kept his wits about him to find Reyna.

Yordy Reyna: A

Had a wonderful bounce back game after getting sent off in Philadelphia. Chicago had no answer for his speed and dribbling ability.

Kei Kamara: A

He did miss a lot of chances but he also scored two goals which is basically god tier brilliance for Whitecaps strikers. He also made 3 key passes, meaning he was involved in the play as well as tapping in goals.


Russel Teibert: C

Came on to close out the game and, although Chicago scored, the Whitecaps did manage to win. Mission accomplished.

Sean Franklin: A+

You might say it’s crazy to give a player who was only on for two minutes an A+. Franklin came on to strengthen the defence and had two clearances in two minutes. If you look at it that way he did everything he was supposed to do perfectly.

Anthony Blondell: D

It’s hard to come on in the last 10 minutes as a striker and make such a negative impression. I really like what Blondell brings to the team but this was one to forget for the Venezuelan. He looked slow, didn’t pass very well, and almost scored a bizarre own goal off a botched clearance.

People cheering for Schweinsteiger: F

It’s perfectly fine to appreciate players on the other team but you should still call them a wanker when they’re being announced. Football is about supporting your team, not following celebrities. When Arsenal played Sutton United in the F.A cup the Sutton fans didn’t cheer for the Arsenal players out of some misguided idea of respecting great players. If you grew up in Germany cheering for Bayern Munich and then moved to Canada I can understand it but if you’ve never been to Germany and your grandparents were born in Saskatoon then leave your Schweinsteiger kit at home.