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France Win the World Cup - Winner Announced for the 86Forever Prediction Contest

Soccer: World Cup-Croatia vs France Witters Sport-USA TODAY Sports

In what was a blur of a tournament, the 2018 World Cup came to its conclusion this past Sunday as France defeated Croatia 4-2 in the Luzhniki Stadium. There were surprises all the way through the tournament and this was emphasized in the prediction results that we saw across the board.

From the round table that allowed our writer’s to express their opinions, to the wide ranging predictions that came in from our 43 different prediction contest participants, there were a lot of different ideas of how this tournament would unfold.

Perhaps you saw the Belgian upset of Brazil coming? Or even the march of the Croatian team deep into the tournament? Or perhaps you’re like me, and thought that the defending Champions Germany surely wouldn’t finish bottom of their group!

There were even plenty of highlights and great stories that involved our very own Vancouver Whitecaps. Alphonso Davies made a memorable speech to FIFA congress about the 2026 joint bid from Canada, Mexico and the United States, and club captain Kendall Waston made a splash and bagged himself a goal at the World Cup. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of!

Either way, I hope you enjoyed the tournament, and if you did participate, I hope you found it to be a fun addition to the World Cup frenzy.

Now - onto the good stuff.

As promised, I personally put up two tickets to the September 15 home match against the Seattle Sounders to the winner of our contest. After a month of topsy turvy results, only two entrants topped my score of 42 points.

Honourable mention goes to our runner up, Braden who managed 44 points, and correctly selected France as the eventual champions. Congratulations Braden and well done!

Unfortunately, though, much like myself, and 42 other participants, there was only one pair of tickets up for grabs to the overall winner, and that unanimously goes to Daniel who scored a contest topping 47 points! Not only did he predict the correct eventual winners in France, but he also foresaw the deep run the Croatians made, selecting them all the way up until the Semi-Final round.

Bold moves, and one’s that paid off in a pair of shiny Whitecaps tickets!

As I’ll need to get in touch to transfer the tickets, please follow me on Twitter at @KawakamiSean. We can DM contact information that way, and I’ll be able to set you up with your tickets for the September 15 match.

Again, thank you all for participating. In two hours the ‘Caps will be taking on the Montreal Impact in the Voyageurs Cup. Enjoy the match, and be sure to check back in for all your requisite Vancouver Whitecaps content.