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Report Card: Frantic Finish in Frisco

The Vancouver Whitecaps steal a late point in Texas, but should this inspire any confidence moving forward?

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Another match, another messy draw that felt as though it might as well have been a loss. The Vancouver Whitecaps continue to stumble their way closer to the bottom of the Western Conference table in yet another match that left supporters with far more questions than answers. Notably, the Whitecaps completed only 80% of their passes and registered only one shot on goal (despite scoring twice). Yes, this was the third match in a week (played in sweltering Texas heat) but this game was far from a statistical darling by all possible metrics.

Starting XI

Brian Rowe (4.0) While Rowe was the ‘Caps best performer in Audi Player index, I feel as though that was a bit deceiving. Averaging 2 goals against per-match is never a positive statistic for a keeper, and most of Rowe’s saves were fairly pedestrian. It’s also worth noting that a concerning trend is emerging.

Brett Levis (3.5) While Levis is an exciting player when he charges forward, he continues to look out of sorts on the defensive end. Levis lost 4 challenges and both of his aerial duels. He also left far too much space prior to missing his challenge on Cannon’s opening goal.

Jose Aja (4.5.) I often find Aja a frustrating player to watch as he shows signs of raw potential one moment and then looks completely out of sorts the next. Aja often found himself out of position, committing 4 fouls and picking up a yellow card, while he wasn’t directly responsible for either goal against, there is still a lot which could be improved upon.

Kendall Waston (6.0) While there has been some suggestion that Waston is pre-occupied with thoughts of the World Cup, I felt as though this was actually a decently tidy match from the Costa-Rican. He completed 26 of 30 passes in his own half and managed to avoid picking up a booking against a dangerous and often quick to ground FC Dallas front three.

Jake Nerwinski (4.0) If Nerwinski had hopes of reclaiming his RB spot from Sean Franklin, this certainly wasn’t the type of performance he was looking for. Nerwinski had an abysmal 50% completion rate on his passes (which was even worse in the opposition half), and has struggled to find the same crossing prowess he enjoyed for much of last season.

Felipe (4.0) Continuing on the same theme as above, Felipe’s distribution in this match was very poor. The Brazilian had a whopping 14 unsuccessful passes in the opposing half and continued to look a step behind defensively committing 4 fouls.

Bernie Ibini (4.0) While Ibini wasn’t necessarily poor in this match, he continued to be the “invisible man” in the Whitecaps starting XI.

This positional graphic is particularly intriguing. Why is Ibini playing so deep?

Russell Teibert (6.5) Teibert was the Whitecaps most efficient passer by a noticeable margin, completing 55 total passes with 8 of those coming in the final third. A consistent positive contributor whenever he’s inserted into the lineup, Rusty should look to get a larger chunk of midfield minutes moving forward.

Brek Shea (4.0) Shea struggled to make an impact on this match prior to his removal in the 68th minute. If I were to base my rating on Shea’s new hairstyle, it would have been a zero.

Yordy Reyna (6.5) Reyna was one of the Whitecaps better performers in this match. While at times he may have tried to do too mutch with the ball at his feet, the Peruvian is slowly returning to the spark plug creator he was for much of last season, finding himself in dangerous areas on a consistent basis. His partnership with either Kamara or Blondell as the front of a 4-4-2 has promise once Robinson is able to find his best midfield/wing-player combination.

Kei Kamara (7.5) Kamara’s endless work-rate and competitiveness is something I never get tired of watching. Kei not only sealed a single point from the penalty spot (although some might argue the ‘pen should have been stopped), but he also scored on a wonderful header in the 56th minute which was disallowed under rather dubious circumstances.


Alphonso Davies (5.0) Davies didn’t look very good defensively after being asked to play full-back (yet again). But considering that he was moved between 3 different positions in the span of less than 10 minutes, it’s hard to blame him.

Anthony Blondell (8.0) Even without a goal to his name, this was probably Blondell’s best appearance as a member of the Whitecaps.

Cristian Techera (I) Techera had little impact in his 15+ minutes of action, hence the incomplete grade. Yet even with Techera not being in great form at the moment, I feel as though he certainly could have provided more than Ibini or Shea from a wide position starting this match.

What were your thoughts on the match? What changes might you want to see to the Starting XI for the next match? Let us know!