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Report Card: Vancouver Whitecaps vs San Jose Earthquakes

MLS: San Jose Earthquakes at Vancouver Whitecaps Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Rowe: 5/10

It’s hard to rate Rowe’s performance. He didn’t make any tremendously difficult saves, but he didn’t really do anything wrong. He let in two goals that a better keeper might have stopped, but it would be silly to call them errors. His distribution was alright but nothing special. All of this is pretty much standard backup goalkeeper stuff though so can we really be disappointed? I don’t know, 5/10

Sean Franklin: 5/10

Franklin had a mostly fine outing. He had three tackles and two interceptions. He didn’t quite get the line right on San Jose’s first goal.

Kendall Waston: 5/10

Waston was made to look foolish on San Jose’s first goal as he played Hoesen onside. The thing is though, he was the only one who did what he was supposed to on that goal. When playing a deep line you want everyone to drop as soon as a player looks like he’s about to hit a ball over the top. If you watch the goal back again you can see that Waston is the only one who drops back when the San Jose player starts lining up a ball over the top. When I first wrote this, I marked down Waston for that goal. Having watched it again, I’ve gone back and knocked all the other defenders down a point. There are clearly some communication problems at the back (which Waston can take his share of the blame for). This isn’t the first time in the last few matches that something like this has happened. This may be down to Marinović being out, or players not being familiar with each other, but it’s going to have to improve if the ‘Caps want to win a game anytime soon.

Jose Ajá: 4/10

Got his line wrong on San Jose’s first goal and he wasn’t exactly a commanding presence either. he also only had 70% passing which isn’t great from the player who’s supposed to help the team play out of the back.

Marcel de Jong: 6/10

Was excellent going forward and paired that with three tackles and six interceptions. He was beaten on the second goal but in fairness to him he was isolated when Alphonso Davies didn’t track back.

Cristian Techera: 6.5/10

He scored a goal but didn’t contribute much otherwise. Goals are always welcome in Whitecaps land, but it would be nice to see Techera a bit more active going forward.

Felipe: 9/10

It was a monstrous game from Felipe. The stats speak for themselves; five key passes, 92.5% passing average, four successful crosses, three accurate long balls, and an accurate through ball. Felipe seems to really be shining in a more deep lying midfield role. He was pretty poor as an out and out number 10, but he’s played extremely well in the last two matches as a central midfield player.

Efraín Juárez: 7/10

It was a quietly efficient performance from Juárez. He had 91.5% passing accuracy and also added six interceptions. He basically did what you want from a #6. He won the ball back and then didn’t give it away once he got it.

Alphonso Davies: 4/10

It was an unusually poor showing from the Canadian wonder kid. Davies had a couple of runs but didn’t make the most of those chances. Davies also didn’t track back properly on the second Quakes goal leaving Marcel de Jong exposed. I’m sure he’ll bounce back, but he was decidedly unimpressive.

Yordy Reyna: 9/10

Reyna had by far his best match of 2018. Reyna scored a goal, set up another, and created a number of other chances for himself and others. Reyna showed that when he’s on form he can be a difference maker for this team but unfortunately the rest of the team didn’t all play up to that standard.

Kei Kamara: 6.5/10

Based on the eye test I thought Kamara wasn’t great but the stats suggest that perhaps he wasn’t that bad. He won eight aerials and had two key passes which is pretty good for a target man. However he also missed a couple headers you’d like to see him bury, had three unsuccessful touches, and looked a bit fatigued up front.


Neither Shea nor Mezquida had much time to influence the game so I haven’t given them a grade. Shea is in danger of being run out of town by a mob with pitchforks and torches after his miss against the Dynamo on Friday and attempting an overly ambitious shot from distance against the Quakes. That being said, he was only on for about 10 minutes and short of doing something game changing (positive or negative) I don’t think you can really judge him on such a short run out.