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Whitecaps unveil new “Unity” kit

Looks like Vancouver will be rocking something called “steel grey” this season

Ah yes, the time has come. Not the time for actual soccer but, instead, the time for Vancouver to announce their new kit for the upcoming season (much more exciting tbh).

Because MLS wants to milk as much money from its fanbases as humanly possible switch things up each year, clubs typically will announce either a new home or away kit each year. And because the clock is up on the Sea-to-Sky kit (a personal favorite of mine), the away jersey will be getting a touch-up this year.

After days of teasing, the Caps announced their new “Unity” kits Monday and they look pretty good all things considered. The “steel grey” jerseys have a subtle triangle pattern in the background which is not unlike last year’s “rain” home kits.

“This year we wanted to represent the heart of Vancouver, and that’s the grit and hard work of our city,” said Bob Lenarduzzi, president of Whitecaps FC said in the release announcing the kit. “I grew up in East Vancouver, blocks from the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge. Today I regularly cross that bridge, as well as the Lions Gate Bridge, from the other side in North Vancouver. These structures are examples of how our communities in the Lower Mainland have been united. With 2018 marking the 60th anniversary of the tragic collapse during construction of the Second Narrows Bridge, we decided to pay tribute to all ironworkers and all people who are building and bridging our communities.”

So there’s a lot to unpack here. The bridge thing is kind of cool, although I frankly don’t see a huge connection between the fairly simple jerseys and all this historical context. But while I’m not a fashion expert, I think these look pretty good and continue the club’s pretty good trend of away kits.

For those who are chomping at the bit to buy these new duds, the kits will be available on February 13 at the club’s Gastown store.

What do you think of these new kits? Will they be making an appearance in your wardrobe?