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WFC2 add Former West Brom Defender Danny Barbir

Towering centre back with an impressive pedigree joins the Thundercaps

WFC2 today announced the signing of centre back Danny Barbir. Barbir is 19 and has previously been involved in the youth set ups of Manchester City, Stoke City, and West Brom. Last year he signed a professional deal with West Brom but didn’t make a first team appearance and was released at the end of the year. Barbir also played for the U.S at the U17 world cup in Chile. After being released by West Brom Barbir trialled with the Philidelphia Union before signing with WFC2

As with many WFC2 signings, Barbir is a bit of an obscure name who many Whitecaps fans may not be familiar with. We know he’s a big lad (6’4 190 lbs) and he’s been involved with some big clubs, but what kind of player is he? Fortuantly there’s a Youtube channel, presumably run by his dad, which chronicles his entire youth career.

The oldest video is from all the way back in 2007! at the time Barbir would have been 9 years old. The soundtrack is pretty great too.

Fast forward three years to when Barbir was 12 and towering over his opposition (keep in mind he’s playing up a year in these clips). At this point Barbir was clearly playing as a striker

But in all seriousness the highlights you probably care the most about are from Barbir’s time with Manchester City and West Brom.

What we see in these videos is a very big centre back who’s also very comfortable on the ball. Barbir has all of the tools to thrive as a modern centre back but we’ll have to wait and see if he can put it all together at the pro level.

Barbir joins a struggling WFC2 side who could certainly use all the help they can get. His main competition for places will be Cole Seiler and Francis de Vries who have both had mixed success this season.

Also he’s verified on twitter

Well said Danny, well said.