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Last Month With WFC2 (July 2017)

It’s been almost two full months since the last win. That doesn’t meant there weren’t some good individual performances though.

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC at FC Dallas Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

July 1st Vs Seattle Sounders 2

Score: 2-0 (S2)

Line Up: 18.Spencer Richey; 63.Kadin Chung, 51.Sem de Wit ©, 33.Francis de Vries (58.Will Seymore HT), 62.Deklan Wynne; 65.Matthew Baldisimo (57.Thomas Sanner 62‘), 64.Thomas Gardner, 42.David Norman Jr.; 50.Nazeem Bartman, 45.Myer Bevan, 44.Andy Thoma (54.Gloire Amanda 70’)

Summary: The Thundercaps didn’t look great on Canada day. Created very little and lost pretty convincingly. Myer Bevan made his debut but didn’t look particularly threatening.

Standouts: Nobody really

July 8th at Colorado Springs Switchbacks

Score: 2-2

Line Up: 18.Spencer Richey ©; 14.Cole Seiler, 22.Christian Dean, 33.Francis de Vries, 62.Deklan Wynne; 30.Ben McKendry, 65.Matthew Baldisimo (58.Will Seymore 51’), 32.Marco Bustos; 63.Kadin Chung, 57.Thomas Sanner (54.Gloire Amanda 85’), 50.Nazeem Bartman (44.Andy Thoma 77’)

Summary: The Thundercaps blew a 2-0 lead in an entertaining game against the Switchbacks. Marco “Pedro Morales” Bustos Scored another penalty which was won by Thomas Sanner. Sanner, who is quietly having a good year, then scored the second goal off a great cross from Deklan Wynne. Christian Dean, on loan from the first team, looked very solid at the back and Kadin Chung made some dangerous runs going forward. Spencer Richey also made a number of good saves.

Standouts: Sanner, Chung, Richey, Dean

July 12th Vs Swope Park Rangers

Score: 1-0 (Swope Park)

Line Up: 40.Sean Melvin; 63.Kadin Chung, 14.Cole Seiler, 33.Francis de Vries ©, 62.Deklan Wynne; 42.David Norman Jr (58.Will Seymore 75’); 54.Gloire Amanda (64.Thomas Gardner 75’), 30.Ben McKendry, 32.Marco Bustos, 50.Nazeem Bartman; 57.Thomas Sanner (45.Myer Bevan 60’)

Summary: WFC2 had a number of good chances but couldn’t put any of them away. Marco Bustos looked bright and hit the bar but nothing came of it. Gloire Amanda also looked dangerous but couldn’t score. Ben Mckendry but in a corner that Francis De Vries really should have scored but the big Kiwi headed over the bar. At the other end Sean Melvin was very impressive.

Standouts: McKendry, Gardner, Bustos, Amanda, Melvin

July 15th vs Reno 1886

Score: 1-1

Line Up: 40.Sean Melvin; 14.Cole Seiler, 41.Dominick Zator, 33.Francis de Vries ©, 62.Deklan Wynne; 58.Will Seymore, 42.David Norman Jr.; 64.Thomas Gardner (50.Nazeem Bartman 65’), 30.Ben McKendry (63.Kadin Chung 57’), 32.Marco Bustos; 45.Myer Bevan

Summary: It wasn’t the most exciting game, with a grand total of four shots on goal, but Myer Bevan scored his first goal for WFC2 off a lovely back heel from Marco Bustos.

Standouts: Bustos, Bevan

July 29th at Orange County SC

Score: 1-0 (Orange County)

Line Up: 18.Spencer Richey; 14.Cole Seiler, 22.Christian Dean, 33.Francis de Vries, 62.Deklan Wynne; 64.Thomas Gardner (48.Patrick Metcalfe 62’), 42.David Norman Jr. (57.Thomas Sanner 85’), 32.Marco Bustos; 63.Kadin Chung, 45.Myer Bevan, 54.Gloire Amanda (61.Terran Campbell 62’)


An early goal sunk the Thundercaps. With this result the team didn’t win for the entire month of July. Myer Bevan showed up in some interesting positions but couldn’t put one away, which has sort of been the theme of his time with WFC2 so far. Christian Dean and Francis De Vries looked pretty assured at the back, including a late goal line clearance from the Kiwi, and Thomas Gardner had another good match.

Standouts: De Vries, Dean, Gardner, Richey

Player Stats:


Bustos: 5

Sanner: 4

Campbell: 2

McKendry: 2

Amanda: 2

Wynne: 1

Thoma: 1

Serban: 1

Bartman: 1

Bevan: 1


Amanda: 3

McKendry: 3

Norman: 2

Seiler: 1

Campbell: 1

Seymore: 1

Thoma: 1

Apostol: 1

Bartman: 1

Sanner: 1

Wynne: 1

Bustos: 1

Looking Ahead:

August 2nd Vs Rio Grande Valley FC Toros (Thunderbird Stadium)

Kick Off: 12:00 pm

Preview: Rio Grande Valley are just ahead of WFC2 in the standings and with playoffs looking ever less likely this an important game. Notable Players include former Whitecap Marco Carducci, as well as a number of players on loan from big Latin American clubs. These include Victor Garza (Tigres), Camilo Monroy (Cali), and Emilio Garcia (Pachuca).

August 5th at Sacramento Republic.

Kick Off: 8:00 pm

The Thundercaps have already played USL Veterans Sacramento Republic twice this year, drawing once and losing the second time.

August 13th at Seattle Sounders

Kick Off: 6:30 pm

The ‘Caps will have a chance to avenge the Canada day loss quickly. Maybe i’ll finally be able to write about a win (it’s been almost 2 months).

August 19th at Rio Grande Valley FC Toros

Kick Off: 5:30 pm

Them again

August 23rd at San Antonio FC

Kick Off: 5:30 pm

San Antonio currently occupy 3rd place in the USL Western Conference. Notable players include former Chivas USA player Kris Tyrpak and Cameroon international Mark O’Ojong.

August 27th vs La Galaxy 2 (Macleod Athletic Park)

Kick Off: 3:00

La Galaxy 2 are just below WFC2 in the standings and second from the bottom in the west. Their most notable player is probably Jon Kempin of MLS penalty stopping fame, and somehow the third choice keeper for the Galaxy. This game has also apparently been designated as “Star Wars night” so that’s a thing