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Beyond the Lens - 3am Musings

Random thoughts

After a couple of crazy weeks, the Caps find themselves in a bye week before a tough 4 game stretch before the Gold Cup break, with home matches against Dallas and NYCFC sandwiched by away matches in Minnesota and Chicago.

The big news is that Fonzie got his Canadian citizenship and his first senior call up to the National Team. I’ll leave the potential impact of his eligibility for someone else to muse and blog over. Needless to say, Alphonso has mentioned many times since sigining a first team contract that his desire is to play for Canada. I suspect he’ll get that all important first senior cap, tieing him to Canada. Is he gonna be the saviour? I would like to think so, but with some of the other youngsters already on the team or in the pipe, the future could be bright.

Does anyone else find that social media has played a major role in the way we support these days? Like with any other professional sport, in stadium information is hard to get as a regular spectator. There are times I’ll ignore my own twitter after a game, or on some non game days entirely knowing that I’ll be on my phone constantly pre- and post-match. I know the irony of this section, but it’s something that we’ve probably become reliant on as being a fact of life.

Even though I like to think that I’m getting smarter as I get older, there are still times when the me from 10 years ago and fall into old habits. I guess what I’m trying to say is that old habits are hard to break, however, you can change if you really want to. It’s through this change that I’ve realized where some people’s true alliances are, regardless of what they may have said to you in the past. The obvious question is, ‘why am I going on about this?’ If they were just normal people, they would be irrelevant to me already, but seeing as how are these people are fellow supporters, it complicates everything. How does one properly navigate this? It depends on who you are and how you choose to handle it.

Once again, my allegiance was to the Caps was in question. Yes, I may have received gifts from friends in Portland, and I generally do carry one of them around with me, but how does that make me any less of a supporter of the Caps? Was it to be expected? Yeah, but if you’re gonna do that, pull me aside and do it and chances are it’ll stay off this blog.

Is it that bad that I accept tokens of appreciation from friends from Portland?
Is it bad that I think the best rivalry doesn’t include my hometown Caps?
Is it bad that I know, and frankly respect some opposing players in MLS?

I am a Caps supporter and a season ticketholder. I would hope that my opinion and actions get accepted as just that. Mine. I don’t care if you don’t agree with it, or what I do, but does that give someone the right to vilify me for having that position? If what I do affects you as much as it appears to do, you are more than welcome to come live my life for me. I’ll just find a comfortable recliner, slap on my Oakleys, crank up some Uptown Funk (my current jam) and drink my cider in peace.