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Report Card - Caps fall to Impact

Let’s see how they grade out

Once again, it’s that time to see how these guys did.

Alphonso Davies: B
This is becoming rather old hat. Once again, Davies is one of, if not, the best Cap on the field. Seemingly more impactful as a sub, let’s remember, for the trillionth time, he’s only 16.

Carl Robinson: D
Whether he knew it or not, the Impact had the weekend off meaning that they’d have a fully rested squad. While I didn’t have a problem with him heavily rotating the squad again, with only Parker making consecutive starts. Where I feel Robinson earns this grade is in the way he handled his subs. I would’ve brought on Davies and TEchera at halftime and Bustos in 10 minutes earlier. Barely giving Bustos 10 minutes (if you include stoppage time) is almost not even worth the effort.

Spencer Richey: C-
To say that both penalties that Montreal converted should’ve been avoided or stopped would be harsh, the fact that Richey almost got the 2nd one, and perhaps with a little more experience, avoids conceding the first. Be that as it may, neither were and two more goals were conceded. To say Spencer was the worst of the bunch, would also be harsh.

Russell Teibert: D
Has anyone actually figured out what his best position is? I’d imagine there’s a lot of people out there that would like to know the same thing.

Mauro Rosales: D
Other than a good 10 minutes to start the game, what has happened to him? Conceding a penalty, whether he had to or not is a different story, it looks though the game passed him by while he spent a year in Dallas.