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Report Card - Caps vs Sounders

How did they do?

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC at Vancouver Whitecaps FC Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Rather than do the usual player by player, I thought I’d look at each unit as whole, over individual performances tonight.

Goalkeeping - B
A typical night for Ousted, if such a thing even exists. His trademark highlight reel save gets the supporters singing his praises. Not sure how much he could’ve done on Seattle’s goal.

Defence - A
Waston and Parker seemed to have regained their form of 2 years ago which is a good omen for this team. Harvey was being Harvey, solid and reliable. If there is a weak spot, it might be Williams. Okay, it’s a bit harsh on him, but the other 3 have been together for a couple of years, and pretty much know each other’s tendancies.

Defensive Mids - B
Grading a 5 man unit is tough, especially when 2 of them are tasked with defensive roles. I had my reservations about starting Teibert over Tchani and Jacobson, but to have 3 capable DMs beside Matias, is a good problem to have. Laba and Teibert were tasked with helping the back four with Morris and Dempsey. Those two will get their chances, but two posts from Dempsey and a couple of goal line clearances kept Seattle off the board.

Attacking Mid/Wingers - B
Tonight was the most noticable Techera has been. His speed caused problems for Seattle’s backline and his cross led to Montero’s 1st. Davies was being Davies. I know he’s only 16 and it’s early to coin it that way, but what else can you say about a 16yr old kid that brings people out of their seats and still tracks back to defend. I’m not sold on Bolanos playing centrally, but if the Caps are running things seemingly through the wings, how critical is your CAM?

Forward - A
This is strictly for his 2 goals of utmost quality. Montero definitely took advantage of the injury to Roman Torres, Seattle’s hulking CB who left last match with a muscle strain.