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Report Card - Caps fall to Quakes

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Assessing another loss in Cali

MLS: Philadelphia Union at Vancouver Whitecaps FC Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time to see how I think a few Caps fared in a rather eventful loss at Avaya Stadium.

Carl Robinson - D
Given who was available, I would’ve gone with a 4-4-1-1 flat. Level out your 4 mids with Nico playing right in front of them. Robbo’s first decision was his only real forced, and worst, decision. Ousted’s sending off meant that Tornaghi had to come in and one of the outfield players had to be sacrificed. Those watching in the bar with me assumed it would’ve been Manneh or Techera. It was Mezquida. Up 2-0, I can see that decision from one vantage point only. Park the bus. The only problem that is was a mini-bus that they parked, and we all saw what happened after that. In Robbo’s defense, he did say post match that pulling Nico was the wrong decision.

Ben McKendry - C
I only noticed him a few times tonight, good, bad or otherwise. Considering how dramatically the game changed with one call, it probably wouldn’t have been unexpected had he shut down and had one howler of a game. Not the case, as this time, unless when Bustos got his initial MLS start, he was utilized properly. Still not enough to improve Robbo’s grade from where I graded his performance tonight.

Jake Nerwinski - C
Once again, I didn’t really notice him tonight, which was a start contrast from the last time I saw him play (against Portland at the Timbers Preseason Tournament). Granted, the quality of opposition was a lot better there, but once again, given the situation he was put in, didn’t do too badly for himself.

Erik Hurtado - C+
Any time Hurtado scores it’s noteworthy. His performance was a definite by-product of Robbo’s removal of Mezquida. Some would question why he even started, but given they’re going to need full strength (even that might not be enough) to hang tough in Monterrey in a few nights time.