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The ‘Caps new 2017 primary white jersey.

A look back at the MLS jerseys that we love and fail to love.

The new 2017 ‘Rain’ Primary Jersey

This is your new 2017 Vancouver Whitecaps primary jersey. It’s called the rain jersey and was unveiled to the public Monday evening at the club’s season kick off event. First impressions are fickle and I am going to defer my judgement until I see it in person. I remember loving the brown jersey when I first saw it on line, and then liked it less and less each time I saw it. Some jerseys grow on you and some you grow out of, but I will say this though, a simple white jersey without the triangles would look pretty crisp. That’s all I’ll say about the triangles today. (My lip may be bleeding from biting so hard.)

I thought it would be fun to rate the MLS jerseys to date from my faves to my least faves. So here’s my trip through jerseys past:

The 2015/16 primary white.

I think they really got it right with this last jersey. It took me a few games to grow into it, but it’s a good look.

The two MLS debut jerseys.

So, I’m not sure if this is a matter of a sentimental fondness for a first love, but I still really like these jerseys. I didn’t fully appreciate the blue second kit until it was gone, and I really liked the primary white, if only it weren’t a stock jersey also worn by Chicago and Dallas that season.

The current 2016/17 blue jersey

The current blue jersey. It’s a sweet looking jersey in the stands and with a pair of jeans, but I’m still trying to warm up to it on the pitch.

The 2014/2015 blue and silver kit.

This is a good jersey. It should be higher on my list, but it started to lose its appeal by the end. Maybe, I started comparing it with the debut season blue kit.

The teams only third jersey.

Like I said, it looked awesome when I first saw this poster. Now I can’t stand it. Maybe it was just Y.P. in the front. The dude can make anything look great.

The unfortunate diagonal stripe white kit.

This is my least favorite kit of all. The diagonal stripes don’t do it for me. And, there was something odd about how they made the stripes join under the arm, plus the two toned collar... not my cup of tea.

The vintage pre-MLS Whitecap jersey.

I thought I would throw this one in just to rile up the conversation.

Which are your faves and least faves?