Guess the Starting XI and Final Score (Non-MLS Match 2: New York Red Bulls)

Welcome back for another season of our contest "Guess the Starting XI and Final Score". As always, thanks to former regular Spencer for starting this several years ago. I will shorten the introduction in subsequent posts, but will remind everyone of our changes one more time here.

Thanks to Arjon's suggestions about lineup predictions becoming too similar, resulting in predicting the winner and final score becoming more important, we have added a few bonus points for correctly predicting 10 (1 point) or 11 (3 points) starters. By the end of last season, everyone knew how unlikely it was to correctly guess the final score that we had some participants predicting scores of 10-0 (because why not). So, we have split up the final score prediction. You get a point for correctly predicting each team's final score (with a bonus 1 point if you predict both correctly). This removes the 'all-or-nothing' aspect and allows you to get a point even if you do not correctly predict the winner (e.g., if you predict a Whitecaps 2-1 victory, but they lose 3-2, you still get 1 point for the '2' prediction).

Now, to summarize everything (which will appear in each subsequent post)

Non-MLS Details


  • Contest will consist of the 2 CONCACAF Champions League matches against RB NY. If the Whitecaps advance, the semi-final (and then final) matches will also be included.
  • Contest will consist of the 2 to 4 (hopefully 4) Canadian Championship (Voyageurs Cup) matches.
  • We will keep track of only ONE ranking/standings for this contest, as there will, probably, be a maximum of 8 matches.
  • If there are at least 8 matches, each contestants lowest match score will be excluded, meaning the Final Standings will consist of each contestant's top 7 match predictions. If fewer than 8 matches, all scores will, probably, be included.
  • Predictions will be 'valid' if posted prior to the lineup being officially announced (1 hour before kickoff).
  • Participants will receive 1 point for every player correctly guessed to be in the Starting XI
  • You will receive ONE bonus point if you correctly predict 10.
  • You will receive THREE bonus points if you correctly predict 11.
  • Participants will receive 5 points for correctly guessing the winner (or draw) of the match
  • Participants will receive 1 point for correctly guessing each team's final score. ONE bonus point for correctly guessing both final scores correctly (for a total of 3).
  • That means, if you correctly predict the Starting XI, Final Score, and Winner, you can earn 22 points!

Standings (All Games)

Final Ranking User Overall Match 1 Points
Score Lineup Bonus Winner Score
1 MarcoD77 22 11 3 5 3
2 Tanzaniamagic 19 10 1 5 3
3 justcaps 14 9 0 5 0
4 DougCuth 13 8 0 5 0
5 triemer321 12 10 1 0 1
6 rtomsheck 10 9 0 0 1
7 pparsons 10 9 0 0 1
8 The Squirrel 10 9 0 0 1
9 CalgaryRik 10 9 0 0 1
10 WRCAPS 9 9 0 0 0
11 smatthew 9 8 0 0 1
12 olikchivas 9 8 0 0 1
13 AtlantisB 9 8 0 0 1
14 Markuss 9 8 0 0 1
15 Wardy1700 9 9 0 0 0
16 edmondk 8 8 0 0 0
17 CascadiaCaps 8 7 0 0 1
18 Arjon 8 8 0 0 0
19 Soccer Mum 8 8 0 0 0
20 soccerdad66 8 8 0 0 0
21 forbrydelsen 8 8 0 0 0
22 Norwegian Would 7 7 0 0 0
23 mattock 7 7 0 0 0

Match Review (New York Red Bulls)

What a great first match! We had TWENTY-THREE people give a prediction for the Vancouver Whitecaps first match against New York Red Bulls. That is certainly a record. If the Whitecaps are able to pull out a victory on Thursday, it will also mean an additional 2 matches for this contest. That means we will throw out your lowest prediction. So, it is not too late to join nor are your chances of claiming victory if you had a bad first week!

Speaking of that first week, a shout out to MarcoD77 who was not only the FIRST person to put in a prediction, but also achieved a perfect score of 22 points. They were not the only one to have a good first match. Tanzaniamagic correctly predicted the 1-1 draw and had only one incorrect lineup prediction (good for 19 points). I think those lineup bonuses will make a big difference this season (which is good), as despite only getting one prediction wrong, Tanzaniamagic is 3 points behind MarcoD77.

Triemer321 also picked up a lineup bonus point, while justcaps and DougCuth correctly predicted a draw. Some top competitors from last season have a bit of a hill to climb after the first match. AtlantisB is tied for 10th, while edmondk, Arjon, and SoccerMum are tied for 16th! Speaking of SoccerMum, was great to see their pick, followed by soccerdad66 picking. Looks like Ma and Pa are in it this year!

Match Preview (New York Red Bulls)

This is shaping up to be an interesting match. The Whitecaps can advance with a 0-0 draw (which I believe is unlikely) or a victory. A 1-1 draw (possible) will result in extra-time while any Red Bulls victory or 2-2 or more draw will result in them advancing.

Each team will have the one match under their belt, so hopefully the teams will be sharper. It is odd that this match will be played on Thursday, as both teams open up their MLS season on Saturday. The Red Bulls will travel to Atlanta after the match to open that stadium. I suspect Red Bulls would be happy with a draw there, so maybe they prioritize Thursday's match? Luckily for the Whitecaps, they don't have to travel, so we should see a fairly complete lineup. However, you do have to remember that at the beginning of the season fitness might not be where you want it, so maybe that plays a role in Thursday's match (or Saturday's). Do we see some squad rotation?

It is expected that Fredy Montero will see his first action as a Vancouver Whitecaps player. Is his fitness good enough to start yet? Caps might not have the option as Hurtado is suspended due to yellow card accumulation. The trade of Barnes last night for Shea means the Caps will have an additional winger. With Bolanos and Mezquida still possibly out, do we see Shea start? Maybe he is not familiar enough with the team/formation to start. However, with Techera receiving a red card in the first match against NY RB do the Whitecaps really have any other options? Finally, does rookie Nerwinski get a second straight start or do we see Williams. Does Saturday's match factor into that decision?

It is time to make your predictions!

We are predicting the score and winner for this match, not the overall (two) matches. Meaning you predict a 2-2 draw (even though that means RB advance). I am also going to go with final score at the end of 90 minutes. So, if it goes into extra-time that 'scoring' will be omitted. Hopefully this makes sense.

KNOWN OUT (Will be updated as information becomes available)

Injury: Yordy Reyna, Nicolas Mezquida, Christian Bolanos, David Edgar
Suspension: Cristian Techera (red card); Erik Hurtado (yellow card accumulation)
Competition Tied: Mauro Rosales

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