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Former Whitecap Pa-Modou Kah Announces Retirement

Kah joined the Whitecaps in 2015

Portland Timbers v Vancouver Whitecaps Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images

Former Vancouver Whitecaps defender Pa-Modou Kah has announced his retirement, posting a heartfelt letter on the Whitecaps website. The majority of the letter is written to his daughter, Nahla, and it really is heart-warming to read.

For example:

You never know when the day will come. How old you will be or if you are ready. I can tell you, you are never ready to retire from football. But because of you, my daughter, I can look back with a feeling of fulfilment and look forward to a new chapter. You are my greatest accomplishment and my biggest dream was to walk on the pitch with you. I got to do that, and for that I will forever be thankful.

He also touched on his relationship with Kekuta Manneh.

When you are old enough to understand you can ask your uncle Scoots (Kekuta Manneh) about me. He will tell you how I was an example to him and his friends. The boy from Banjul, who left The Gambia when he was eight and who made it in Europe. A path that seemed a little less out of reach for them because of me. He’ll tell you how much he hated me when I chose to play for the Norwegian national team. A decision I felt I had to make in order to get where I am today. Something he understands now. He didn’t see my struggles then, but surely experienced them later in life himself.

Kah began his professional soccer career in 1998, but didn’t make his way to MLS until 2013, when he signed with the Portland Timbers. He joined the Whitecaps in 2015, playing with the club and the USL-affiliate WFC2 until 2016.

Congratulations on a great career, and enjoy some well deserved rest with your family, Mr. Kah.