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Vancouver Whitecaps Name USL Squad Head Coach

Whitecaps appoint Rich Fagan as replacement for Alan Koch with the ThunderCaps

Well, the biggest problem in Vancouver Whitecaps land is no longer no coach for their USL squad Vancouver Whitecaps II (commonly referred to as ThunderCaps). 48 hours after we wrote that despite the USL season set to kick-off in one month’s time, the ThunderCaps were without a head coach, the Whitecaps announced that Rich Fagan would lead the team this season.

As many expected, the Vancouver Whitecaps went with an internal hire to replace Alan Koch. Probably an unknown name to most Whitecaps fans (I’ll admit, even myself), Rich Fagan appears to be a natural choice. Prior to being announced as the head coach of WFC2, Fagan was coaching the U-18 Residency team. With the desire to make the ThunderCaps the link between the Residency program and the MLS squad, it makes sense to put Fagan in charge. This should make the transition for most players easier as they should be familiar with Fagan’s coaching style.

Despite not knowing much about Fagan, he seems to have the pedigree, and connection to the community, that is necessary at the USL level. He began as the club head coach and academy director of Surrey FC. Upon joining the Vancouver Whitecaps organization, he coached the U-11 boys, U-12 girls, U-18 women’s Prospects team, U-18 Residency program, and W-League team. In 2012, he was named the U-15 Pre-Residency head coach and U-16 Residency assistant coach.

On the more technical side, last year, Fagan was part of the MLS program to participate in the world-class player development course French Football Federation Elite Formation Coaches License. Currently, he is completing his Canadian Soccer Association National ‘A’ license.

We look forward to seeing how he improves the ThunderCaps and continues the pipeline to the senior team. Outside of Carl Robinson, the WFC2 head coach is probably the most important coach in the organization structure.