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Beyond the Lens - A Few Final Thoughts

Everything from GA to scarves

MLS: San Jose Earthquakes at Vancouver Whitecaps FC Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was an interesting end to the season. I know it’s been a month or so, but there are situations that require that much time to attempt to fully comprehend and of course, life gets in the way too. The season ended as some people, in their endless negative ways, expected. Most, however, were surprised that the Caps sat back as much as they did. Within 10 minutes of the 2nd leg in Seattle, which I skipped because I didn’t feel like going down, it was obvious that Robbo had deployed the same tactics in hope of poaching a goal on the counter. Seeing as how this was the 3rd time in a month the Caps had faced the Sounders, to me, it showed a lack of awareness by Robbo and the coaching staff.

As far as off-season player movement goes, I’m not happy, but at the same time, I’m not unhappy that Teibert is sticking around for a couple more seasons. Although I’m still not quite sure what his best position is, I’m sure his experience will come in handy somewhere at some point. As for the free agents and draft eligibles, I sure as hell hope they find a way to keep Jacobson, the American made Swiss Army Knife, as I call him, is that utility veteran who can cover for Kendall at CB if he gets himself sent off, help facilitate a mid-match tactical change or he can just be your prototypical central mid. I would like to see Harvey back, however, with deJong and Levis here, it’ll be tough sledding for any of them. However, if deJong continues to get called up during every FIFA break and the Caps play before he can re-join the team, it does give someone like Levis that opportunity.

The only other puzzling thing was the signing of Blondell. Unless there was a legitimate risk of losing him to somewhere else, why do it right before Draft Season? Maybe they have less faith in the guys already on their roster than I suspected and Blondell is that much better.

We all know, General Admission seating at BC Place has been a trigger for many. It’s worked at the HSBC Canada Sevens Rugby and from all reports, the Canada/Maori All Blacks match in November. It was also in place for CMNT and CWNT matches until one of the higher bodies of soccer said no more. Having been in the Timbers Army, granted it was pre-season, but GA doesn’t come with the same set of evils that you see in Portland. I don’t know the exact number, but a chunk of ECS partake in the Sounders March to the Match and a few of their sections are GA. I haven’t heard of any problems in that regard. While I acknowledge GA is not the panacea that some here want it to be, but it goes a long way into weeding out part of what plagues the supporters sections at BC Place. As a part of Curva, I love the way they operate their little section, and I give props to the Southside for trying to get their own little GA area going.

As a scarf collector, I find myself at an interesting point. I have most of what I already want, however, all of those coveted scarves that the majority of traders are throwing around have no interest to me. I also find that people are after specific scarves which, to be perfectly honest, can’t be obtained without having something of comparable value and have no interest in anything else. I’ve also discovered there are some scarves which are basically untradable, which flies directly in the face of the belief of some, who think that any scarf is tradable. I’m starting to wonder if my days in the scarf trade are coming to a close, which is the pefect segue into the closing of my piece.

During the season, I was presented an opportunity to expand my involvement within Curva Collective, past being their photographer. After mulling it over for a few weeks, I decided to take the plunge and get more involved as I saw areas which could use a turbo-boost. So with that, I have mixed emotions in saying that this is my last piece here at 86Forever.

I would like to thank former editor-in-chief Jon for giving me this opportunity and current editor-in-chief Bryce (AtlantisB) for allowing me to get more involved in various site operations. I have enjoyed my 2 seasons here, sharing my insights from a supporter, and photographer, point of view in addition to spearheading the Supporter’s Week Feature we did this past summer.

Until we meet again,