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Report Card - Caps defeat Sporting

Grading a smash and grab

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC at Sporting KC Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Grading this one out:

Stefan Marinovic: A
Based on the little body of work we’ve seen from the New Zealand international, I was impressed, not to mention he kept the Caps in the game with a few key saves. Yes, there was some luck with Rubio’s penalty smashing off the bar. After the goal, he made a few massive saves to preserve the win.

Marcel deJong/Jordan Harvey: C-
What exactly was Robbo’s plan with playing these two on the left? If he switched to 4-1-4-1, I want deJong playing wide left.

Erik Hurtado: C
Yes, he scored the only goal and he works mighty hard, however, I’m still not convinced that he works as a single striker.

Carl Robinson: C+
When the starting lineups were released many Caps fans had figured that Robbo had given up on one of the two first-round bye positions. Statistically speaking, the fans were right, in all but one category. The one that matters the most: score. In all fairness, Techera and Jacobson were unavailble because of family reasons and Tchani was suspended.