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Last Month With WFC2 (September 2017)

Sometimes a picture says 1000 words

You may recall that last month’s WFC2 coverage ended on a positive note. Unfortunately this momentum did not carry forward into the month of September as not only did the ThunderCaps fail to win, they also only scored twice.

September 6th vs Tulsa Roughnecks

Score: 3-1 (Tulsa)

Line up: 40.Sean Melvin; 65.Matthew Baldisimo, 14.Cole Seiler, 33.Francis de Vries ©, 46.Brett Levis (55.Chris Serban HT); 42.David Norman Jr.; 66.Michael Baldisimo, 32.Marco Bustos (58.Will Seymore 74’); 63.Kadin Chung, 54.Gloire Amanda (57.Thomas Sanner 83’), 61.Terran Campbell


Bustos scored another penalty and WFC2 lost another game. Brett Levis returned to action at left back and certainly looked like an MLS player. Michael Baldisimo had a very strong game in the midfield as the 17 year old pinged some amazing long passes. Unfortunately his teammates couldn’t translate that into goals

Standouts: Levis, Michael Baldisimo

September 10th at OKC Energy

Score: 0-0

Line up: 40.Sean Melvin; 48.Patrick Metcalfe, 14.Cole Seiler, 58.Will Seymore, 62.Deklan Wynne (55.Chris Serban 74’); 42.David Norman Jr. (65.Matthew Baldisimo 57’); 66.Michael Baldisimo, 32.Marco Bustos ©; 46.Brett Levis (63.Kadin Chung 57’), 45.Myer Bevan, 61.Terran Campbell


Sean Melvin came up big on a number of occasions to save a point for the ThunderCaps as the young team looked second best for most of the afternoon. Michael Baldismo continued his good form from the last match and David Norman Jr. put in a good shift. unfortunately Brett Levis left the game through injury. It’s sad to see Levis, who has worked so hard to come back from injury and has looked good, limp off the field once again.

Standouts: Melvin, Michael Baldisimo, Norman Jr.

September 17th vs Orange County S.C

Score: 2-1 (Orange County)

Line up: 18.Spencer Richey; 14.Cole Seiler, 33.Francis de Vries, 51.Danny Barbir, 55.Chris Serban; 42.David Norman Jr.; 65.Matthew Baldisimo (66.Michael Baldisimo 88’), 32.Marco Bustos ©; 54.Gloire Amanda, 45.Myer Bevan, 61.Terran Campbell


The ThunderCaps had chances but didn’t finish them and gave up a late winner, pretty typical. Marco Bustos looked lively and scored his 8th goal of the season, a career high for the young Canadian.

Standouts: Bustos, Campbell, Serban

September 24th vs Phoenix Rising

Score: 4-0 (Phoenix)

Line up: 40.Sean Melvin; 14.Cole Seiler, 33.Francis de Vries, 51.Danny Barbir; 55.Chris Serban (63.Kadin Chung 59’), 66.Michael Baldisimo, 42.David Norman Jr., 61.Terran Campbell; 48.Patrick Metcalfe (54.Gloire Amanda 59’), 45.Myer Bevan (57.Thomas Sanner 77’), 32.Marco Bustos ©


The good news is that this game was absolutely dominated by a young Canadian. The bad news for the ThunderCaps is that he was playing for the other team. Quebec born Alessandro Riggi put up a goal (a beautiful goal at that) and two assists. WFC2 came out in a 3-4-3 formation but were absolutely embarrassed by the Phoenix side. Terran Campbell was the only ThunderCap who looked like he came to play

Standouts: Campbell

September 30th Vs Portland Timbers 2

Score: 1-0 (T2)

Line up: 18.Spencer Richey; 63.Kadin, Chung, 14.Cole Seiler, 51.Danny Barbir, 62.Deklan Wynne; 42.David Norman Jr.; 65.Matthew Baldisimo (58.Will Seymore 54’), 32.Marco Bustos; 55.Chris Serban, 45.Myer Bevan (54.Gloire Amanda 66’), 61.Terran Campbell

Summary: WFC2 finished off the month by losing to basement dwellers Portland Timbers 2. The best moments for WFC2 came down the left flank through Terran Campbell and Deklan Wynne. Spencer Richey also made a number of good saves. It’s possible he should have done better on the goal but it was a tough situation and he made a couple of very important saves.

Standouts: Campbell, Wynne, Richey

Thundercaps Stats

Player Goals Assists
Player Goals Assists
Bustos 8 1
Sanner 4 1
Campbell 3 4
Amanda 3 4
Bevan 2 0
Mckendry 2 3
Wynne 2 1
Thoma 1 1
Serban 1 0
Bartman 1 1
Chung 1 0
Norman 0 3
Seiler 0 1
Seymore 0 1
Gardner 0 1
Apostal 0 1
Michael Baldisimo 0 1

Looking ahead:

There are only two games left in this miserable season, and the ThunderCaps are already eliminated from the playoffs. They play away to league leading Real Monarchs on October 7th and finish the season at home against Orange County on Friday the 13th. With such a disappointing season there are a lot of players on the bubble who will be looking to show they deserve to be back next year.