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Vancouver Whitecaps to Join NWSL?

Rumor Whitecaps to field a women’s soccer team

Vancouver Breakers (2001-2002)

AFTN has suggested that the Vancouver Whitecaps are looking at bringing a women’s soccer team back to the fold.

While it is easy to dismiss this as just another rumor, AFTN has been known to be a quality source. Mind you, there were quality sources stating that Kamara was already traded to the Whitecaps last spring. As a result, it is always important to be cautious when these types of things seem to come out of nowhere. However, it may not be completely out of nowhere.

In response to AFTN’s tweet, Har Journalist noted that supporter groups were contacted regarding support for a women’s soccer team.

It would be no surprise if the rumor was true. The Vancouver Whitecaps have a strong history with women’s soccer, beginning in 2001. Initially named the Vancouver Breakers, the team competed in the USL W-League and was the club team for many of the National team members. The team eventually folded in 2013.

Although a rumor, it is fun to think about which young Canadian women could suit up for the team. Of course, the name that would most assist with getting attendance would be Christine Sinclair.

When previously asked about returning to Vancouver, should the city field a women’s team, Sinclair said the following:

It is unclear how many National team players would come play for the Whitecaps, as many are at top teams in other leagues; the most recent being Ashley Lawrence who signed with French club Paris St. Germain. Regardless to who would be on the Whitecaps roster, this would be a great thing for women’s soccer in Canada.