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Some thoughts after the first preseason game.

Intercontinental travel and no radio or TV coverage leaves the Vancouver fan to piece together what’s happening in Wales from what he can online.

Montreal Impact v Vancouver Whitecaps Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

The first preseason game of the new year came and went with a 1-0 loss to Cardiff. The game was not televised nor was it on the radio, and since only two diehards would likely be up at 3:00AM to follow the game, that’s not unreasonable. But like you, it left me scouring the internet to piece together what went on around the game. For a recap of the game itself you can check out AtlantisB here.

Here are some of my thoughts around the events of the day.

According to Michael McColl at AFTN, Jake Nerwitzki had a good game. He was the only player to play the full 90 minutes. Newly signed RB Shaenen Williams is nursing a small injury, which opened the door for Jake’s extra time on the pitch. Robbo was confident to leave him in the game knowing his fitness was strong after his participation in the super draft combine. I’m glad to see another Parker-like story where a young player comes out of college and handles himself with confidence. Parker complimented Jake’s “power moving forward” as well as his “solidity in defense.” Good signs. And the best part, as good as he shows in preseason he will still be backup to the experienced Williams, therefore, the only pressure on his shoulders will be to put in a solid performance in the odd game he gets the call for. As it should be. And he’s an articulate, composed young man in front of a microphone to boot.

Parker was given the armband for the game. This means nothing in terms of who will be captain, but Robbo did mention he wanted Tim to be more vocal in the back. With the injury to Edgar, that is a quality we have been looking for in our remaining CB’s. Parker is aware of it, and according to Nerwitzki was vocal today by calling out where he needed to be during today’s game and easing his transition.

When asked about the #9, Robbo said he was still working on it. He spoke of how we have to remember things take time and their are other teams in the mix with their own tempting offers. While I am sure this absolutely true, it doesn’t sound like the manager of a team with the where-with-all to go out and get their man. It’s disappointing, and as more DP’s are announced around the league, a little frustrating.

Giles Barnes is still with the team but did not play as he was icing his knee. He is hoping to be good for Monday’s game, but when asked by McColl if he would still be with the team by then he laughed and walked away. Cryptic, much?

New forward signing Jordy Reyna has received his UK visa and if Peruvian UPS gets it to him by tomorrow, we should see him in camp very soon. I’m surprised, after the transfer from his team in Austria I expected him to be already in Europe. Not a big deal, but a minor inconvenience.

The goal against Tornaghi today was an absolute howler. Paulo rolled the ball in the path of a Cardiff forward who lobbed the ball over the goaltender’s head and into the goal. Oops. Tornaghi is a good goaltender and this was the perfect game to get that out of his system.

Finally, Robbo wants to try to win the CCL. He intends to play his best squad and stated that means his senior players. I just hope that his best squad hasn’t been assembled yet. We’ll see, the first game is only four weeks away and the clock is ticking.

What did you glean from the twitter-sphere and the inter-web today?