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Adekugbe wants to stay in the UK.

Once his loan deal is complete the Whitecap fullback would like to remain with the English Championship side.


Whitecap defender Sam Adekugbe is angling to make his transfer to English Championship side Brighton and Hove Albion a permanent one. His loan to the British side expires in June and Adekugbe would like to make his dream of playing in England continue.

In an interview with The Argus Adekugbe said,

Sam has played regularly for the British club’s U-23 team, the FA cup, the EFL cup where he scored his first professional goal, and recently made his English Championship debut in a 2-0 loss to Preston. Due to injuries, it looks like he may play for the first team again this week. Brighton and Hove Albion are currently in second place as they push for promotion into the English Premier League. If Adekugbe could stick around for that it would be a dream opportunity for him.

Obviously, it would be a great accomplishment for Adekugbe to receive a first team contract with a contending EFL team. If he shows well and takes advantage of the first team opportunities that have opened for him and positions himself to play first team minutes with some regularity, then this would be an opportunity the ‘Caps would have to let him have. I would be happy for him, while at the same time, I would miss watching him blossom in a Whitecap uniform. With Harvey and De Jong on the team LB is adequately covered for the immediate future, but I was looking forward to see a Canadian fullback with Adekugbe’s speed and ability bomb up the wing to put in crosses and create chances. Robbo indicated Sam was the type of player he wanted for the style he wants his team to play. A style he is still trying to implement that requires a different kind of skill set than Harvey and De Jong possess. However, there is still hope for Levis to be that dynamically offensive, Canadian fullback as, once healthy again, he has he potential to provide that kind of offense from the back.

Ultimately it would be good for Sam, for the CMNT and for the ‘Caps depending on what they might get in a transfer from Hove Albion. Provided he plays.

In other news:

Chrstian Bolaños has been named to the CONCACAF best 11 for his play with the Costa Rican national team. It is good to see a Whitecap receive international recognition. Bolaños was a quality signing and in the team’s current state of signing stasis he is a reminder that Robbo can actually pull off a deal for a player like this. As we inch closer to preseason and February’s CONCACAF quarter final matches with NYRB the club still has some major positions to fill that require impact deals for players in the number 10 and 9 positions. In a recent interview Robbo mentioned that he would like to be able to announce these signings tomorrow (figuratively), but it won’t likely happen since it is out of his hands as the players and clubs he has his eyes on consider all their offers. Not the reassuring a statement I want to hear.

This requires some trust and patient calm by us restless fans as we watch many of the MLS teams around us fill their DP slots and sign their internationals. At the end of the season we heard about the desire to bring in as many as six new players, according to Lenarduzzi. Perhaps, even players the club potentially had on their radar for a while to replace the likes of Morales, Rivero, Perez and Kudo. As the days go by with no major acquisitions all we can do is nervously speculate. We won’t likely ever know if things are going to plan or if Robbo can’t get his man. So, Bolaños’ inclusion to the CONCACAF best 11 is a reminder Robbo has done it before. We have to hope and, at our most generous, believe he can sign a quality player again. I’m willing to wait. I have no choice. But please, make it worth it.

And finally:

The ‘Caps sign Whitecaps FC Academy graduate David Norman Jr. to WFC2. He is the son of radio colour analyst David Norman Sr., has represented Canada at the U-15 and U-17 levels and most recently played for Oregon State.

Congratulations on your first pro contract, David!